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6 Ways to Wear White Jeans in the Summer

3 Ways to Wear White Jeans
I haven't worn my white jeans since last summer, and when I got them out of storage a few weeks ago I was trying to remember how I styled them last year. I seem to recall wearing them to death, and I wasn't wrong when I checked back over my Outfits page to see just how many times they appeared on the blog...!

Here's six ways to wear white jeans in the summer - they can be worn all year round but I always feel they work best when the sun's out and the layers are lighter. 

Are you wearing white jeans this summer - and if so how are you styling them? Do you favour skinnies still or are you rocking another style... let us know in the comments!

White skinny jeans, grey marl tee & tan heels

1. With other neutrals to create a monochrome look

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I love white jeans with a white top to create a head-to-toe white look, but if you're hesitant about looking too white then try a whole bunch of neutrals instead. I teamed my white skinnies with tan, marl grey and silver (jewellery) to keep it looking soft and light.

Pink neon stripes, white skinnies

2. With brights and a hint of black 

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White is, of course, the perfect neutral - so what's better than adding a load of brights? Here I added my striped neon pink blazer with a bright blue scarf and aviators, and topped it off with a sunshine yellow tote. The touch of black in the heels and tank was the perfect way to make the colours (and the white) "zing" even more.

Denim jacket, plaid & tie-dye scarf

3. With more denim in a different colour - and coloured brogues 

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There's no reason you can't do double denim when wearing white jeans - and you're more than likely to have denim jackets or shirts in various shades of blue to add. Extra shades of blue from scarves or a top and the brightest brogues or flats will tie everything in to create a cohesive and fresh look.

Magenta tee & white jeans

4. With a patterned or graphic tee and biker jacket 

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A simple outfit of a bright t-shirt and white jeans is a great combination for the summer. The addition of Sperry Top Siders and a biker jacket thrown over the shoulders for chilly evenings add a nice contrast.

Printed jacket & white skinnies

5. With a patterned blazer or pyjama jacket 

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Instead of a patterned t-shirt wear a patterned blazer instead. Here I wore a pretty pyjama jacket and some fierce heels - the great thing about white jeans is that they look as great with brights as they do with neutrals.

Vintage 1940s wrap dress with wide belt

6. With a dress layered over the top 

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And finally - something completely different! I layered a vintage dress (it's actually a 1930s robe) over my white skinnies. A massive statement belt, choker necklace and skyscraper heels make a perfect evening outfit for the summer.
Catherine x
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Here's the best white jeans I could find on the interwebs (the ones I'm wearing in the pictures above are the Asos Ridley white skinnies):

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  1. Love the first look, with simple neutrals and fab jewelry! I wear my white jeans all summer, usually with a soft color up-top. xox

  2. Love the look and your hair is amazing! Same colour as mine ;)

  3. Love all the three looks, very stylish & inspirational!! But my favorite is the third one!!!

    Have a great day honey!

  4. I've always been worried my thighs are too massive for white jeans, they are fab in summer though. I like the bright second look best

  5. That first look is just IT for me, dearest Catherine!! Everything from the basic grey tee "zhuzhed" up (is that how we were spelling it?!) with the boho the pretty way you have your hair swept and pinned to one side; love it all!! My own white skinnies will be making regular appearances over the summer, too...I already bought a new top to wear with them!! XO

  6. I stay away from white jeans, because I find them rather boring. But there's nothing boring in your amazing ensembles! Sassy!

  7. Well it's a bit hot here in my part of Texas, so I'm wearing White denim...shorts! :o) My favorite is the monochrome look, and I'm usually such a fan of bright color!?!

  8. Great ways to wear white jeans! Love the first outfit, it's so my style xx

  9. Chic beautiful outfits! Wish I looked like that in white jeans! :D
    Dawn Lucy

  10. love each of these white jean looks! Totally inspired, will be trying some next week when the weather changes me thinks!XXX
    Hope cornwall has been fabulous lovely xxxhugs

  11. Thank you for this wonderful inspiration. I think the first one is my favorite.. but the second one also looks great!! And of course the third one!! You know what.. I love them all. Will try some outfits next week with my white jeans :)
    Thank you for sharing.


  12. You did a wonderful job again. But I will have a look at your outfit pages as I remember you had an (almost) all white combination last year that I was crazy about.
    Thanks for reminding me.

  13. Found it... This one:


    1. Oh rats... It is the same one as the top one in this post. Hahahaha. Anyway. I still like it a lot.

  14. White jeans are so classy. I like pairing them with bright colors and black.


  15. Catherine you rock those white jeans, you are so fit! All styling proposals are incredibly chic, well done dear!!
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook


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