Disclosure Policy


Thank you for taking the time to read my disclosure policy!

Everything I write for Not Dressed As Lamb is free to readers and newsletter subscribers and takes many hours to compile and research. As blogging is my full time profession, it is necessary for me to look for income that allows me to devote time and energy to writing the blog and making it as useful and engaging as I possibly can.

I both collaborate with companies on a paid (sponsored) basis and participate in affiliate programmes. Either way the goal is to make my paid/sponsored content no different in quality or personal opinion to the non-paid content. In all instances I will always give my 100% honest opinion (companies agree to pay me for the administration involved and the PR, not the review itself).

I promise that I will only ever promote products or services I personally believe in, use myself or want to recommend. By monetising the blog I can continue to produce great content that I hope will interest and inspire my readers!


The details:

Items marked “courtesy of” or “c/o” have been lent or gifted to me to review or feature in blog content (I never accept anything I wouldn’t choose for myself).

Any post marked as “sponsored by”, “in collaboration with” or “thanks to [brand name] for partnering with me” or “#ad” means that I have accepted payment to write the post or add some promotional details.

I often use affiliate links for products. This means I may earn commission if you click through and buy (at no expense to you). Wherever possible I will link to the original product, though I also give alternative suggestions as either text links or linked thumbnails.


Brands: Product Gifting Policy

Please click here to read my Product Gifting Policy.