Blogging Heroes | Nominate Your Favourite Blogger!

Blogging heroes: Nominate your favourite blogger
I thought I’d do something a bit different today. I want to write a post in my Bloggers You Should Know series about inspirational bloggers, but rather than write it from my point of view I thought I’d hand it over to my readers and ask you who I should include. I’ll then write the post based on your suggestions and nominations for the most inspiring bloggers – how’s that for a great way for us both to discover new and amazing blogs?

What I’m looking for is one Blogging Hero from each of you. I want to know who you think is the blogger that, in your opinion, deserves some recognition for being the most creative, the most innovative, the most motivational, the most hard working, the most generous, the most [your word]; the most generally INSPIRING blogger out there. The one that you regularly visit because you know they will always deliver, always respond, always be willing to help.

As much as I love the super bloggers I’m not really looking for 20 suggestions for Man Repeller or Atlantic Pacific – I want to hear about why you’re such a fan of the medium and small sized bloggers. Let me know who it is you admire and why they deserve to be featured (I need the blog URL!) and I will add them all to a post I’ll publish next month.

So tell me: Who is YOUR blogging hero and why do they inspire you so much? If you can keep it to one or two short sentences (so I can include your quote) and give me the blog URL then that’d be really helpful. If you can, choose someone that hasn’t been nominated already by someone else. The more the better, and all blogging niches are welcome (this isn’t restricted to fashion blogs).


You’ll be able to nominate your blogging hero up until Saturday 25th July (when I’ll switch comments off on this post).

Thanks so much – I can’t wait to hear who you suggest 🙂
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P.S. Whilst I’m not assuming anyone will nominate me, please don’t suggest me just to be nice! I’m looking for more blogs to inspire us all.
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  1. August 9, 2015 / 10:43 pm

    I would like to nominate Erin from Living In Yellow ( When I first started blogging, Erin encouraged, mentored and showed me so much kindness – I was terrified to hit that 'publish' button! We skyped often (for hours!) and caught up in real life a few years later… she is one of the most amazing, authentic and genuine people I've had the privilege to meet. I wouldn't have done many of the exciting things I've been able to, if it wasn't for Erin's friendship and support in those early days. Blogging has taken my life in a whole new direction I never dreamed of, so I owe her a lot!

    Lauren Xx

  2. August 7, 2015 / 10:34 pm

    Love reading this series and discovering new blogs. Please consider Ariel and her blog Artfully Awear. Drawing on inspiration from her knowledge of art history, contemporary art, texture and color, she puts together wonderful outfits (even blending in for maximum effect.) She shows time again fashion as art and the art of fashion.

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