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12 Weird Things That Fashion Bloggers Do (That Only Bloggers Understand) #SaturdayShareLinkUp

12 Weird Things That Fashion Bloggers Do (That Only Bloggers Understand)

I firstly wanted to say that last week I had the highest number of link ups ever on either a #SaturdayShareLinkUp or an #iwillwearwhatilike link up - thank you! And if you're one of the new linkees then welcome, it's great to have you :)

Last week I talked about how the mere act of just DOING can inspire others, and I loved the knock-on effect that the post had (which was the actual subject matter itself - is that life imitating art?). You inspire others to do things, they do things, they inspire others to do things, and so on. However this week I decided to talk about things I do that others may consider as weird, though I'm pretty sure bloggers - especially fashion bloggers - won't find them strange at all...

You know what I'm talking about, all you fashion bloggers reading this!

So here's a fun list of stuff I do that's just a bit weird. They may apply to some bloggers, not necessarily all, but I'm sure most will at least relate to some of them at least.

And if you're thinking of starting a blog: Take advice from last week's post about "just doing", and then heed the behaviour that you may find yourself doing eventually (Instagram tends to rule our lives)... You have been warned!!

(Please note: This is merely a fun post, please do not take any of these things too seriously... my life isn't really ruled by my blog as much as it appears. Much.)

Weird things I do as a fashion blogger

1. I'm a whizz at getting changed in the car to shoot more than one outfit post when "on location" - you have to shoot outfits at the most convenient times and sometimes that means all in one afternoon.

2. I recreate outfits I've already worn a day or two or even weeks later, or sometimes a day or two early for an outfit I'm planning to wear, because "on the day" wasn't convenient to shoot (or I didn't have a photographer).

3. We often incorporate walking the dog with outfit shoots, so I wear the outfit with sneakers and take heels to change into. I'm often on country paths and lanes and changing in and out of heels while holding onto gates into fields or similar.

4. With every single thing I do I think, Can I put this on Instagram Stories? Can I quickly get it on Stories and is the WiFi strong enough here to do it?

5. I'm always worrying about whether that chipped nail polish will be visible in my Instagram Stories... Do I repaint them? Will anyone care?

6. I can get a little disappointed when a brand sends me a gifted item that doesn't come in packaging that's pretty enough for an "unboxing on Stories" story.


7. I have been known to choose which restaurant or café we go to based on how Instagrammable it is. And then choose a TABLE based on its Instagrammableness. I don't obsess over it [=ahem= much], but I do get excited when it's just right (i.e. a marble table by the window).

8. I DO obsess over the weather report and whether it will be a good day to shoot an outfit.

9. I do tend to carry the DSLR everywhere, just in case a photo opportunity arises. I'm always jumping out the car just before driving off to somewhere realising I've left the camera indoors.

10. I obsess over whether we have a spare battery and memory card for the DSLR. I ask the husband 10 times whether he has the camera and whether the spare battery is charged and in the case. 

11. I have become very good at walking slowly [towards the camera] to get that perfect shot. My technique of walking "naturally" is spot-on.

12. Everywhere we go, and everything I see on TV, I check for locations in the background in terms of their suitability for a photo shoot. I'm constantly thinking, could we go there? What will the light be like? Is there somewhere we can shoot with not a lot of foot traffic...?


12 Weird Things That Fashion Bloggers Do (That Only Bloggers Understand)  | Not Dressed As Lamb


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  1. This post is hilarious and yet soooo TRUE!!!! LOL!!!

  2. I am so glad to hear you say most of these things!! I feel like I look at our surroundings so much differently now than I did before blogging!! It's all about the back drop and would it work for an outfit photo!! Kinda sad, kinda funny!!

  3. Yes, to looking at everything as a potential shot for the blog...or as potential background for a shot. And on our last canoe trip my poor husband was desperately trying to back paddle to hold the canoe steady while I took the perfect shot of a beaver dam! But I haven't done many on location fashion shoots yet. Too chicken, I guess.
    P.S. I remember that pink sweater with the tan pants... still one of my favourite outfits of yours.

  4. I've ad a good chuckle at this! I do nearly all these things! I can't quite get that blogger walk right though! And I don't seem to get to watch much TV anymore! Have a great weekend xx

  5. I LOVE this post Catherine! Talk about spot on! Thank you for the weekend chuckle girl:)

    Heidi || Wishes & Reality

  6. You've got me laughing so this must mean I fall into the fashion blogging life.

  7. Haha ... LOVE this! And yes, I can totally relate, of course!

    Dawn Lucy

  8. I also do restaurant reviews, so I try to sit at tables where I can take good photos of my food and I hate to eat at a restaurant I've already reviewed - always looking for new ones!

  9. I loved this post. I had a big smile on my face. My family have become afraid to eat until they get a nod from me that I have taken a photo of their plate! I've become good at snapping special moments and they have become very good at ignoring me, so the result is pretty natural. I can't remember the last time I didn't have my Sony strap over my shoulder!

  10. Wow! What a lot of work! I love it when people are that dedicated!

  11. Yep, I do most of these things! This made me laugh this morning, I'll be chuckling about it throughout the day! Jacqui

  12. Yes most of those things! And as someone who often takes pictures in the garden, "garden prep" is something I do before a shoot. Getting rid of unsightly items like washing on the line, cleaning the bird feeders and brushing up leaves. The garden has never looked so tidy!

  13. Congratulations on your amazing figures Catherine, you legend!
    Doing weird stuff on a shoot is par for the course for me since I shoot with a tripod & remote control. Just nonchalantly fake walking in shot whilst smiling to my imaginary friend is pretty cray cray Hahahahaha

  14. Congratulations on your amazing figures Catherine, you legend!
    Doing weird stuff on a shoot is par for the course for me since I shoot with a tripod & remote control. Just nonchalantly fake walking in shot whilst smiling to my imaginary friend is pretty cray cray Hahahahaha

  15. I can relate to almost all of these, but number 2 especially resonates with me!

  16. Here is another one: Freeze the but off at -40C in an "indoor" outfit outside. LOL.

  17. Life as a blogger is interesting to say the least! I get super disappointed when I wear a cute outfit and never photograph it! In fact, today, I have restyled a cute outfit that didn't get photographed the last time I wore it. And here I am again....looking all cute...and no pictures. At this point in the day, I am all sweaty and wrinkled and have missed the opportunity again! I get upset when a gifted item for a blog post doesn't fit! That's every blogger's nightmare, isn't it? And since I have started my #SpreadTheKindness initiative and have been writing weekly posts about small local businesses, I often don't take adequate pictures because I go somewhere, the service is fabulous, and I decide after the fact to write a post. Alas, no photos! But I do my best. As we all do. Thanks for another fun post and link up!


  18. Ahaha I can relate to the "walking slowly towards the camera". I think I've become pretty good at it as well. Just got a bit rusty during my blogging break. By the way, that pose is awesome ;-)

    Alex - Funky Jungle

  19. Great photo. Very Bob Fosse....jazz hands! I realized while trying to organize the last few years worth of posts into something more searchable that I almost always am looking to my right in my photos. It's true that you really do sort of fall into what works!

  20. Oh, so funny and true! I do relate to most of these things.

  21. LOL...truer words have never been spoken!

  22. Yup, I can relate! We wanted to visit a new-to-us winery when we were on vacation and ended up picking a winery solely on the picturesque setting. Luckily, the wine turned out to be good, too! ;-)

  23. Ah the old 'how do I hide my chipped nail varnish in this shot' quandary. I can relate to almost every single one - I've also started to look at the world in squares ;)
    Michelle xx

  24. I got a serious case of the giggles reading this post. It made me realize what a lousy fashion blogger I am. It also brought to mind that I wanted to take a photo of my outfit NEXT to the coffin of my father-in-law last week when we were at his funeral in St. Tropez. I didn't because it would have been so utterly inappropriate but it would have been a great fashion statement!!

  25. Thanks for hosting and that is too funny. I am not a fashion blogger but I do some weird things that drive people crazy with places I go.

  26. Love this and relate. I'm always hunting out a vibrant wall or pretty background and working out whether they'd work with my outfit! Love that you multi task with a dog walk too xx

  27. I love this post - I do almost everything myself too lol!
    Suzy xx &

  28. I just have to say...I laughed WAY TOO HARD reading these. You are indeed not alone in these quirks. I so enjoyed reading these and have only just found your blog. I'll be sticking around that's for sure! xo

  29. Catherine,

    What perfect timing!
    I just returned from France and I must say I was way too aware of the fashionistas on the streets of Paris!
    Groups of them in museums, in front of the Arc de Triomphe, Versailles all
    PUSHING their way to find a mirror, or in front of art (we were trying to photograph)and making hand signals. I found it hilarious, our tour guides, not so much.

  30. Funny and recognisable. I do this too, but far less as my husband isn't much into this. I am lucky he shoots my outfits as he has a good eye for backgrounds and the right photo (far better than me). You have to love Keith even more for putting up with all this haha.


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