Hello Duckie

A couple of attention-seeking ducks (and their friends) decided they all wanted to get their picture on my blog today. Who am I to stand in the way of fame-hungry birds?

So today we’re sporting an old fave of a floral shirt, the collars of which I never liked. It came buttoned right up to the neck, so I pressed the collars under and stitched them down to make a V-neck (more flattering for bigger boobies). I also wore my new long metal ring which looks like something a superhero would wear – it made me feel like I should be out fighting crime, not posing for blog photos. Though I did do one thing proper wrong today: you can’t really tell but I put my tank on back-to-front. Saw the label as I looked down to straighten my shirt… luckily K managed to get a great shot of my reaction.

Shirt: Nümph
Trousers: La Redoute
Shoes: Very
Hat & bag: Asos
Grey & gold chain cuff: Asos
Watch: Red Herring
Metal ring: Asos

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