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Not Dressed As Lamb style blogger
Not Dressed As Lamb is my personal style blog, started on my 39th birthday to see if I could improve my style as I approached my 40th. That was three years ago, and I now freelance as a full time blogger and freelance writer - and couldn’t love it any more if I tried. While I've been “waving the fashion flag for 40-somethings”, the blog has grown into one of the leading 40+ style blogs in the UK, if not worldwide. 

Who is Catherine Summers…?

I'm a 42 year old Brit, a West Country-dwelling ex London resident with a degree in photography (earned when I had dreams of making it big as a fashion photographer in the early 90s) now put to good use in blogging.

My style philosophy…

I oppose the term "age appropriate" and encourage the term "occasion appropriate" instead. I believe that women of all ages should wear things they like, what suits them, and what is appropriate to the occasion - you won’t find any age-appropriate nonsense here.

Topics I cover on Not Dressed As Lamb…

Personal style and fashion
Health and fitness
The age process and being 40+
Blog photography
Better blogging tips

A little bit about me…

Known for my (unnatural) red hair and having pretty great eyebrows, I've been dubbed the "Queen of Clash" due to a penchant for pattern-mixing and a tendency to wear bright colours - I describe my style as “eclectic, erring on the side of preppy-with-a-twist”. I have a passion for keeping fit, cherry lip balm, people watching, giraffes, the theatre, astronomy, freckles, and generally seeking out life's pleasures.

What the future holds…

I have lots of exciting plans for the future of the Not Dressed As Lamb blog and my brand Not Lamb. In 2013 I launched The Accentuate the Positive Project, a Facebook page where women of all ages can share their positive body image stories, and I’ll soon be hosting blogger meets for the older blogger (30s and over) which aren't concentrated on mummy blogging… a rare thing indeed. I’m hugely grateful for all the support everyone has shown me to date and am very lucky to have such a loyal readership and be part of such a strong blogging community. With luck you’ll continue to follow me and my journey through my 40s - and hopefully beyond!

If you want to know more about me, click here for my FAQs

Who I've worked with...

To date, I’ve collaborated with brands such as La Redoute, Marks & Spencer, Bare Minerals and Fever London, and been featured in Grazia, Woman & Home and Woman magazine.


Anna Lou of London
Aspire Style
Canterbury Sheepskin
Damsel in a Dress
Daniel Footwear
French Connection
Gray & Osbourn
Great Plains
!iT Collective
Jack Wills
JD Sports
kuka-me Jewellery
Laura Ashley
Lotus Shoes
Mark Milton Jewellery
Maxwell Scott
Pure Collection
Seasalt Clothing
TM Lewin
Venus With Love

Zazzy Jewelry


  1. hi, I am just wondering about the title of your blog? explain? I think we have been following each other for a while but we lost each other along the way.

    1. Hi Renae - if you click on FAQs it explains my blog name! It's a play on words of an expression but I don't think some areas of the US have heard it...! C xx

  2. Hi Catherine, I love the light behind your hair in this photo--and that you can see your freckles!! :) Amy

    1. Aww that's so sweet of you to say, Amy - thank you! C x

  3. Hi Catherine, I am over the moon to have found your blog and have wallowed in an afternoon and evening of catching up on all your blogs and outfits. I am nearly 35 and have come to a juncture in my life when I'm not young, young but not old, old and basically I am rubbish at styling myself and live in 50's style dresses or tea dresses. This blog has given me so many ideas including what to do with my rapidly greying brown/black hair.
    So much inspiration for dress down, dress up, work wear etc.
    Lady I salute you!
    X x

    1. Rachael what a wonderful comment... I'm so flattered that you've read so much of my blog! It's really nice to hear such great feedback, and to know I've inspired someone even just a little is lovely. Thank YOU, sweetie! Catherine x

  4. I'm so glad I found your blog. My attitude too. Life DOES begin at 40, if we decide that it does.

    I salute you too!

    1. Bless you, Geraldine - thank you! Yay for us! xx

  5. Stumbled on your blog tonight after looking through Pinterest for ideas on a red maxi skirt. You are beautiful and I love the idea behind this blog! Good for you. Can't wait to explore your posts more.

    1. Thank you Anna!! What a lovely compliment. Hope to see back again soon, keep in touch x

  6. I just found you Catherine! And I am so excited! I love your style! I love your tips! I love the way you edit your photos. I think you have become one of my daily blogs to look in on. I'm extra excited because we're the same age. I too am 41, but that's just a number. I live in Hong Kong. I'm an international educator during the day serving as a high school librarian, but at night, I blog! I've got two kids, a dog, and a husband. I'm a pisces; when's your birthday? I am telling you all this because I think you will be seeing me around;D Love, Ann of Kremb de la Kremb

  7. Such a pleasure to have found your blog! Greetings from California. If you ever see one of my creations that you like, I'd love to send it to you as a gift to model with your lovely outfits. We have a large fan base internationally. Smiles to you! pella

    1. Hi Pella - sorry I seem to have missed your comment! If you wanted to collaborate, best read my Advertise page and then drop me an email... look forward to hearing from you! C x

  8. Hi Catherine,
    so glad I found your blog. I wanted to find a 40 something blogger I liked. Is there a community of bloggers like us?

  9. So glad I found this - have been dwelling among th blogs of 20 and 30 somethings and feel as if I've come home!

  10. Adore your blog! In love with your sense of style!

  11. Catherine! Thank you for the sweet comment on the bloggy! ^_^ Can't believe I haven't seen you before. Plus, we have the same name :D
    And still can't believe you're 40, this must be magic! :D I want to look like you when I'm 40, though I doubt it :D

  12. Hi Carherine, I am soon to be 44, consider myself to by stylish, am tall and slim and like to think I have my own style, but find myself constantly worried about looking like mutton dressed as lamb!! The idea just popped into my head to search for a 40 something fashion blog and there you were! I can't believe I haven't thought of this before as your site is fantastic and really inspirational. The challenge for 40 something's is to look cool, stylish and fashion forward without bearing too much flesh (my tummy baring days are long gone), but not to resort to the beige anorak just yet. I have subscribed to your site and look forward to browsing your past 'looks'. Thanks so much for making me more confident to continue to follow current trends, with a 40 something flair!

  13. Hi Catherine,
    Absolutely love your trendy style!!!
    I am 40 and felt frumpy with my clothes, wish I was brave enough to mix things up a little!
    I shall take inspiration from you!
    Lucy x


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