• Warning: this post is not for you if you want a matt, pale look from …
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  • I’m wearing the same straight-leg jeans two weeks in a row, but when they’…
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  • A stylish, hard-working hand luggage bag that lets you go hands-free at a very affordable …
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  • In my Best of the Blogosphere this month I have a brown bears webcam, afternoon …
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  • A new year and a new decade is fast approaching, and I’m thinking of …
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  • British Summer Dressing in Spots and Stripes
    Glittery flares at sunset
    All I Need Now is a Yacht
    Candy coloured and rainproof
    A classic mac and a warm sweater
    Banana pants in monochrome
    A casual/corporate clash
    Yellow with bare legs, plus NY Times feature
    Riverside yellow, stripes and sparkle

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