• I’ve been wanting to write this post for a few months now: I’ve …
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  • I’ve worn a few variations of this outfit in the past couple of weeks. …
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  • In my Best of the Blogosphere this month I have fashion blogger roasting, granfluencers, bread …
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  • Just a quick one today as not everyone may have seen my Instagram post about …
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  • I swear, every year I seem to get hold of a dress that becomes the …
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  • Yesterday I had the pleasure of working on a photo shoot with three gorgeous ladies. …
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  • Autumn Outfits Roundup
    Wedge Wellies and Winter Brights
    Seeing Stars (& Polka Dots)
    One For The Boys: Bowler, Denim and Plaid
    Cozy Oxblood Cable Knit at Sunset
    Geeky girl garb for grey days
    Casual layering with scraper heels
    Utilitarian, with neon and heels
    Pink gingham and pearls

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