14 Unmissable Reads, The Best of the Blogosphere (February 2022)

14 Unmissable Reads, The Best of the Blogosphere (February 2022) | Not Dressed As Lamb

In my Best of the Blogosphere this month I have the most adorable animal sanctuary, husbands doing makeup, statement winter coats as well as a Caribbean photo diary – and more!

I’ve been drawn to two weather extremes this month: cold weather posts with gorgeous winter outfits as well as those that look towards summer, sunshine and all things hot weather (Barbados, Miami and Florida each get a star turn). What can I say – I am soooooo looking forward to warmer weather and more daylight, but I don’t want to give up all those glorious winter coats anytime soon.

Did I tell you I always want my cake and to get to eat it…?! Maybe I’ve been overdoing it on the cake just a BIT too much ; -P


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Do have a read of these great links – you never know who or what you might discover that makes your day/week/month!


What links did you like – and have you found any fabulous new content creators to follow? Comment below…

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If you’re not following Alyssa’s Animal Sanctuary on Instagram (or here on TikTok) then I recommend you do it NOW… I’ve never seen such a joyful parade of rescued farm animals (every single one has a name) having the time of their lives. If you even vaguely like animals then you’ll LOVE their going-to-bed routine.

Charlotte’s fabulous post about how all bodies are good bodies discusses how she wishes she’d seen more diverse bodies when she was growing up.

I normally associate sky blue with summer outfits, but Liz has proved it looks wonderful in cold weather, especially with winter white.

Like Marisa Tomei last month, Brooke Shields is sharing her skincare and natural makeup routine on Vogue – yet another example of an older woman ageing beautifully without resorting to pillow-face (just my preference). Plus, EYEBROWS. Hers are still the best ever.

Keiko’s pink and green living room makeover in her Florida home is allSORTS of delicious.

More warm weather deliciousness… Stella went to Miami with her girlfriends and posted 5 exciting things to do on your Miami vacation. I may not be going there anytime soon, but a girl can dream.

If you haven’t followed James Blunt on Twitter, I can thoroughly recommend it (I’m 100% serious). The most self-deprecating man out there, his comebacks are the stuff of legend. His bio: “Cockney rhyming slang for the good stuff*; proof that one song is all you need.” The man needs to be a standup comedian.
*if you know, you know…

I’m still crushing on some winter outfits, like Anna’s faux fur animal print coat that she wore with camo co-ords (that look like a smart onesie). Genius styling.

Even more sunshine(!): Emma recently went to Barbados and published a Barbados photo diary – I’m crying into my tea [at the time of writing] near a rain-soaked window looking at these.

Musemo’s bold, colourful outfits (currently with statement coats) are To. Die. For. Follow her on Insta at @misslionhunter – she’s incredible.

As well as this beautiful winter photo shoot, where Daniella is wearing a very classic, winter-neutrals outfit and discusses style over fashion.

It’s old school YouTube, but Emma made a new version of her husband doing her makeup… her absolutely losing her composure halfway through is SO entertaining.

The going-since-the-80s Australian soap Neighbours has pretty much been cancelled and Amber is NOT happy about it.

I loved Laura’s thoughts on how getting fit can change your life – I needed to be reminded of this.

And a couple of Not Dressed As Lamb posts you perhaps missed first time around:

And Just Like That, I Cringed (Let’s Discuss the Sex and the City Reboot) and

This Post Is All About You: What Do YOU Want to Discuss?


Stay safe XOXO

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  1. 14 April 2022 / 7:55 am

    Thanks for the intro to Charlotte. Some great picks xx

  2. 22 March 2022 / 6:27 am

    Amazing! Thanks for sharing these posts!

    • Catherine
      24 March 2022 / 5:40 pm

      Pleasure, Lovely 😀

  3. 10 March 2022 / 4:33 pm

    FL is not really my thäng having lived in CA 🙂 THE HUMIDITY, darling. But apart from that gonna check out Brooke Shields and the sanctuary – go figure.

    xo Sabina

  4. 4 March 2022 / 8:40 pm

    I cannot wait to spend some time checking these out!

    Danielle | thereluctantblogger.co.uk

    • Catherine
      9 March 2022 / 5:14 pm

      I’m sure you’ll enjoy them, Danielle x

  5. 1 March 2022 / 11:15 pm

    I’d love to go to Miami. It’s been a while on our bucket list.

    Haven’t been over here in a while but loving your blog as much as ever. The minute I get chance to spend any time on my own blog you always spring into my mind as my go to to for a blog to catch up on xo

    • Catherine
      9 March 2022 / 5:16 pm

      Us too, Sharon – it’s been part of our dream holiday of a full-on east coast trip we’ve had planned for years…!

      And thank you for those kind words… but please don’t worry, I struggle to find time to even reply to comments, visiting others is just as hard! x

  6. 27 February 2022 / 9:27 pm

    Fab collection, I love Anna’s style, just wish I could do it too! Jacqui xx

    • Catherine
      28 February 2022 / 11:30 am

      She’s as amazing as ever, isn’t she Jacqui 😀

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