17 Unmissable Reads, The Best of the Blogosphere (May 2020)

The Best of the Blogosphere May 2020 | Not Dressed As Lamb

In my Best of the Blogosphere this month I have quarantine discos, miniature landscapes, falling meteors and more!

[Reading time: 2½ mins – not including time spent down any internet rabbit holes…!]

(In case you’ve not seen these posts before my Unmissable Reads are a monthly round-up of things I’ve seen, watched and liked in the blogosphere that I’m sure you’ll love too.)

As lockdowns the world over either start to come to a gradual end or continue on, hopefully you’ll find some inspiration and humour to get you through these strange and challenging times. May 2020 seems to have been the longest month I can remember in, like, FOREVER – the early links I added to this post seem to be so “old” now… doesn’t mean they’re any less amazing to read or watch though!

Do have a read of these great links – you never know who or what you might discover that makes your day/week/month.

What links did you like – and have you found any fabulous new blogs to follow? Comment below…!

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If you haven’t yet watched Sophie Ellis Bextor’s Friday night kitchen discos (this time complete with a small Spider-Man with killer moves), you’re in for a treat. Love this SO much.

Something to think about in advance of travel restrictions being lifted: Landscape photographer/travel blogger Erin asks,  does photographing a moment steal the experience from you?

Do not miss Erin’s (as above) beautiful miniature landscapes created and photographed indoors… a travel blogger who got super creative.

In these worrying times, we should all say “thank you, celebrities” (it is, of course, dripping with sarcasm).

Cyn has found during these times that expressing her self through her love of colour is what’s made her happy.

This shop reopened in Malaysia after lockdown only to find all the leather goods had gone mouldy. Ewww…

This is what a meteor captured falling to earth looks like (they’re rarely ever photographed as they’re too small to track).

Kimberly has 7 brilliant tips for taking pictures of your home for Instagram and your blog.

Need 5 simple ways to help you de-stress right now? Stella has you covered.

A dad turning his entire home into a giant ball pit initially sounded like a total nightmare, but the joy it brought the whole family is undeniable.

Another amazing dad: A man created Dad, How Do I?, a YouTube channel to support kids and teach them the basics after he himself grew up without a dad. WHAT a guy.


Bored Panda

I’ve included a whole section of links from Bored Panda which contains articles about “lightweight and inoffensive topics” which, 90% of the time, are brilliant. I subscribe to daily updates of their best articles and I’ve read/seen/pored over some amazing/hilarious/incredulous stuff. Here are just a few of the most entertaining ones I’ve read this month.

Light relief from anything Covid: this mum has documented all the things her 6 year old has said to stall her from leaving his bedroom at night. In her words, this kid has GAME.

50 wholesome pictures to prove that people aren’t always the worst these days.

Did you know that there isn’t a single bridge across the Amazon River? 30 facts that sound fake but are actually true.

A guy called Adam has photoshopped Mr Bean’s face onto celebrities. I couldn’t stop laughing.

Here are 40 times people spotted things that did not age well.

Do you (like me) desperately try to “stay sleepy” when you go to the loo at 4am? Things everyone does but don’t admit to.

And a few Not Dressed As Lamb posts you perhaps missed first time around:

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Stay home, stay safe XOXO

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  1. 2 June 2020 / 12:59 pm

    Oh my gosh, that moldy store. That is awful. I can’t get onto the Bored Panda site. (sad face) It keeps giving me connection is not private. I will have to try it on a different search engine. Thanks for sharing this round up of fun reads!


    • Catherine
      2 June 2020 / 4:29 pm

      Oh that’s a shame about Bored Panda, Shelbee – I’ve never had a problem with it myself…?! Sorry you had trouble, hope you find it elsewhere x

  2. 1 June 2020 / 1:21 am

    Always amazing how you find these. Good reading.

    • Catherine
      2 June 2020 / 11:53 am

      Thanks Ratnamurti! x

  3. 31 May 2020 / 6:37 pm

    Some great links. Thanks for sharing.

    • Catherine
      2 June 2020 / 11:54 am

      Pleasure, Lorna! x

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