9 Minimalist Style Fashion Bloggers You Should Know

9 Minimalist Style Fashion Bloggers

Minimalist style is definitely not a way that anyone would describe MY personal style, but it doesn’t mean I don’t admire minimalist dressing in others.

In fact you might be surprised to learn that I’m actually a massive fan of sleek, clean style with neutral colours and a ton of black and white.

I just can’t do it myself.

Seeing as I am so drawn to minimalist style I thought I’d bring you a selection of some of my favourite minimalist style fashion bloggers. These are the girls who live for black and white (and just occasionally a bit of grey or camel!) – they’ve got that Scandi-style art of dressing down to a tee (which, by the way, is always basic white or black).

There’s no over-the-top accessorising. There are no garish patterns or (god forbid!) print clashes. No bold colour combinations or rainbow brights. There’s just tailoring, all the neutrals, black ankle boots and lots of white sneakers.

It’s a style I really yearn for – however I just can’t get my head around wearing black and white when I feel the need to WEAR ALL THE COLOURS AND PATTERNS. But these girls do black and white with aplomb, and I can only imagine how easy picking outfits from their wardrobes must be. I wish I could clone myself or have an alter ego who dresses so sleekly and has the easiest time coordinating outfits. I’d love to know what’s like to be the girl who’s not forever wondering where her candy pink belt is because it would go perfectly with the lilac boots and burgundy trousers.

So this style may not be something I’ll ever embrace myself, but it doesn’t mean I can’t take elements and incorporate it into my style every now and then.

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9 Minimalist Style Fashion Bloggers

I hope you love this list of fabulous fashionistas as much as me – I’ve never even touched on this style of dressing before in my featured bloggers lists so I thought it was high time I showed the sleek girls some love…!




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9 Minimalist Fashion Bloggers to Follow (Katarina - Katiquette)

1. Katarina – Katiquette

I’ve been following Katarina (Kat) for ages and I’ve always admired her ability to wear denim in so many different and stylish ways. Never without sneaks, her style is super casual but still deceptively smart.

Follow Katarina on Instagram: @katiquetteblog


9 Minimalist Fashion Bloggers to Follow (Caroline - Unfancy)

2. Caroline – Unfancy

It’s not just Caroline’s style that’s minimalist, but her wardrobe is as well: She started her blog to document the 37 items she cut her wardrobe back to in order to curb her shopping habit (wise lady). Whilst she has a few more pieces than that now, she still mixes and matches with lots of lovely tan accessories, crisp whites and denim.

Follow Caroline on Instagram: @caroline_joy


9 Minimalist Fashion Bloggers to Follow (Blair - Blair Badge)

3. Blair – Blair Badge

Blair was literally one of the very first bloggers I followed way back when I started my blog. I was always in awe of her clean aesthetic, ability to wear black so beautifully (not easy when you’re a blonde) and touches of masculine chic with chunky boots and leather.

Follow Blair on Instagram: @blairbadge


9 Minimalist Fashion Bloggers to Follow (Amy - Fashion Jackson)

4. Amy – Fashion Jackson

One of the very well-known minimalist style bloggers, Amy’s outfits nearly always feature tailoring, tailoring and more tailoring – with distressed denim. Her accessories are simple and add just the right amount of interest to her clean lines. Plus check out that white jumpsuit: it’s TDF.

Follow Amy on Instagram: @fashion_jackson


9 Minimalist Fashion Bloggers to Follow (Megan - Megan Adelaide)

5. Megan – Megan Adelaide

Someone I’ve discovered only recently is LA-based Megan. With almost no accessorisation, she really doesn’t need anything extra when she rocks a simple palette of black, white, grey and camel. Rather than denim she tends to favour more casual, loose tailored pieces which look effortlessly chic.

Follow Megan on Instagram: @meganadelaide


9 Minimalist Fashion Bloggers to Follow (Ivana - Aesthetic Lines)

6. Ivana – Aesthetic Lines

Introducing a little (subtle) colour: Ivana’s style is slightly more eclectic but minimalist all the same. With interesting textures such as velvet, fluffy knits and pleats, she makes on-trend pieces look wonderfully classic and timeless.

Follow Ivana on Instagram: @ivanakorda


9 Minimalist Fashion Bloggers to Follow (Kathryn - Kat Got the Cream)

7. Kathryn – Kat Got the Cream

Minimalist style isn’t just for 20 and 30-somethings: Kathryn (another Kat) is in her 40s and absolutely rocks minimalist style. With a few more injections of colour than some of the other bloggers, she suits the slouchy tailoring, oversized coats and a signature white sneakers she wears.

Follow Kathryn on Instagram: @katgotthecream


9 Minimalist Fashion Bloggers to Follow (Kaitlyn - Modern Legacy)

8. Kaitlyn – Modern Legacy

Looking more like a Dutch or Scandinavian blogger than an Australian, Kaitlyn is probably the ultimate minimalist fashion blogger. Everything is black and white with just the odd “splash” of camel or grey. Another fan of slouchy tailoring, she does a flared trouser beautifully – always with white sneakers or loafers (do you spot a theme here…?)

Follow Kaitlyn on Instagram: @kaity_modern


9 Minimalist Fashion Bloggers to Follow (Carola - Vienna Wedekind)

9. Carola – Vienna Wedekind

As well as her stunning blog photography, Carola offers up a style heavy in black and white in interesting textures with subtle details such as bamboo bag handles or pearl shoulder detailing. She’s the Queen of Styling a White Shirt and offers up just enough accessorisation to keep her outfits from looking too simple.

Follow Carola on Instagram: @viennawedekind


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  1. Jessica
    7 January 2019 / 7:55 am

    Great bloggers, thanks for sharing!
    I’ve already started following a few of them, they have a great sense of style!

  2. Benjamin
    4 January 2019 / 10:33 am

    Thank you! I love minimalism in fashion. As for me, clothes should be as simple and comfortable as possible.

  3. 27 June 2018 / 12:15 pm

    This is great. Thanks for sharing Catherine. Some amazingly stylish women in this. Will check them out. xx

    • catherine
      29 June 2018 / 5:13 pm

      So glad you like them Sharron, thank you! x

  4. 8 June 2018 / 6:57 am

    I love you style your wonderful . I like it very much.

  5. 8 January 2018 / 6:16 pm

    Ahh, in my mind's eye I *am* a minimalist! How I long for that sleek tailored look. And I've tried, I really have…but I think some of it is the sleekness, the crisp straight lines…and I'm just a big puffy puffball, ain't no straight lines on me! So I can put on the exact same items and it just…isn't the same 🙁 So I love looking at THEM cuz I just can't do it. And these were all new to me except for Caroline at UnFancy who I ADORE (in fact I just bought a chestnutty brown poncho sweater and when I put it on I was all, Hey, I'm Caroline from UnFancy. But, you know, fat.) so thanks for all the new accounts to drool over wistfully…


    • catherine
      9 January 2018 / 1:25 pm

      Bettye size shouldn’t come into it at all – I ALWAYS say that personality is far more important than shape or size when it comes to dressing. Therefore if that’s what you’re drawn to then you’ll feel comfortable wearing that minimalist style, and your confidence will automatically make you look amazing. Just go with what you love!! x

  6. 6 January 2018 / 2:48 am

    Minimalist style is my favorite! I tend to dress in mostly black and white with accents of gray, camel and, yes, pink. Thanks for sharing the list of minimalist style. It's funny I used to love colors but my style evolved over the years, simplifying my life and tastes as I get older. 🙂 I plan to document my style when my blog re-opens soon.

  7. 22 November 2017 / 8:23 pm

    Thanks for this wonderful round up of fashion bloggers who exist in quite another realm. I totally adore how these young women look and dress, but couldn't see me playing it down for more than a day. But hey, that's what makes the world go round doesn't it Catherine?

    Anna x

  8. 19 November 2017 / 12:40 pm

    Hey lovely lady. Thanks so much for including me in this amazing list! You're the best xx

  9. 18 November 2017 / 9:04 pm

    I really enjoy minimalist fashion. Have followed all of these lovely ladies. Thank you for sharing x

  10. 17 November 2017 / 1:04 pm

    Oh I'm so with you. I read in-fancy and style bee and admire the elegance but boy would I get bored. I love pattern and colour and textile and sparkle and than. You and your blog for making me feel that that can be a stylish look too (currently wearing a burgundy, mustard and purple stripe lurex batwing jumper)

  11. 16 November 2017 / 4:28 pm

    I love these bloggers and their looks. My style is somewhere in between theirs and yours. It's so gracious of you to share with us these looks that are so different from yours. Thank you!

  12. 15 November 2017 / 9:47 pm

    I think I’m the same way Catherine!! It’s the same with my house decor—I love the way minimalism looks-but it’s not how I decorate!!!

  13. 15 November 2017 / 7:16 pm

    I'm not a fan of acronyms but OMG OMG I love these!! Thank you for sharing. The only one familiar to me is the wonderful Unfancy. This is the style to which I gravitate and aspire, albeit with a big injection of colour every now and then and a dominance of soft neutrals rather than black and white. And I am definitely moving towards it – with a twist of pattern-mixing thrown in thanks to you!

  14. 15 November 2017 / 4:50 pm

    Unlike your previous blogger roundups, I don't follow a single one of these!! I'm maximalism all the way. Interesting though, it's a look I could try for a day maybe?! X

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