Bright Travel Outfit for an Autumn Weekend Break

Hot pink trench coat, purple skinnies & orange sweater
Oh, to be in Paris in Autumn! Or Vienna, or Barcelona, or Rome… (even New York is possible for a weekend for us Brits).

If you’re planning a weekend trip this autumn, then I have a few fashion travel tips I’d like to share with you – advice on how to pack and what to wear, plus the outfit I’d wear on my dream trip to one of those wonderful cities!

If I were lucky enough to be thinking of taking an impromptu trip to Paris this weekend, I’d first be seeing what was available from a weekend breaks provider like before planning what to take. Weekend breaks are often arranged at the last minute, so good organisation is essential.

My top two fashion tips for a weekend break?

  1. Layer, layer, layer
  2. Choose versatile items: for example, a dress that can be worn in the evening with heels, or over jeans with flats during the day for sightseeing

Many European cities are quite cool and can be wet during the autumn, so a trench coat was essential. I decided on a bright colour palette of fuchsia, tobacco and purple, with a touch of black and leopard thrown in. This is a great travelling or sightseeing outfit, and would work with all the extra items I’ve chosen below. More packing and fashion tips to follow…

Hot pink trench coat, purple skinnies & orange sweater

For an autumn weekend break, being organised and prepared in plenty of time will take a lot of pressure off you on the day of departure and help you enjoy your break more! For stress-free packing, I can recommend the following:

  • Decide on a colour palette and choose all your clothes and accessories in those colours to create the maximum number of different outfits
  • Lay out all the clothes you’re planning to take in plenty of time before you go. Then be ruthless – cut them by half (you’re only going for a weekend)
  • A really long, oversized scarf or wrap will keep you warm whilst travelling, can be rolled up and used as a pillow, or worn as a cover up over a dress in the evening
  • A selection of zip lock bags are invaluable – they can be used for protecting jewellery, holding hairpins and bands and containing any toiletries with the potential to leak
  • A see-through plastic bag is useful for keeping dirty clothes separate

With how to pack and getting yourself organised done, it’s time to choose what exactly to take! All the items below would make up the essentials I’d need and coordinate with what I’m wearing in my outfit picture… read my tips on what to take and why below:

Weekend break essentials

  1. A fold up wash bag that hangs is useful for hotel bathrooms (hanging wash bag: Sephora)
  2. A large make up bag will also hold jewellery (in a zip lock bag) safely (make up/wash bag: Selfridges)
  3. An iPad or tablet will provide you with games, books and a notemaker all in one device (iPad mini case: Nordstrom)
  4. A small case with a handle and wheels is easier to transport than a large weekend bag without (suitcase: River Island)
  5. Choose heels that will work with your trousers and dress (heels: Asos)
  6. Always have a pair of flats for comfort – ballet flats are perfect (flats: Shoebuy)
  7. A smart clutch for the evening will double up as a cross body bag for your money, passport and phone when travelling and is safer than a tote bag (clutch: Zappos)
  8. Buy travel sized versions of your favourite beauty products and store them in your wash bag so it’s always ready when you need it (traveller wash kit: Molton Brown)
  9. A chiffon dress for an evening out takes up little space and won’t crease – choose one that can also be layered over jeans for a daytime look (dress: Asos)
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Hot pink trench coat, orange sweater & leopard print trilby

Lastly, here are some random travel tips you may or may not have heard… I’m a frequent weekend-away traveller and these are the things I’ve learnt over the years:

  • Whatever time you’ve worked out you need to be at the station or airport, aim for one hour before that. Better to be an hour early and relaxed than an hour late and stressed due to a last minute panic or traffic hold ups
  • Paying for breakfast at the hotel may be more expensive, but having set breakfast hours forces you to get up early and make the most of the day
  • Don’t worry about an umbrella – if it does rain, borrow one from your hotel or buy one while you’re out there
  • Make up a “fake wallet” containing old, unusable credit cards, some old receipts, a few coins and a couple of low value bank notes. Keep this somewhere quickly accessible in the unlucky event that someone decides to mug you (fingers crossed it will never have to be used). Best advice: throw it and run in the opposite direction
  • Most hotels will hold your luggage if you have to check out a while before you travel – saves you pulling your case around while you get in some last-minute sightseeing

I hope you find some of these tips useful – and if you have any other good travel tips to share do let me know in the comments. Are you planning a weekend trip away this autumn anywhere? I’d love to know where!

Catherine x

Autumn Weekend Breaks Fashion Travel Advice

I have not been compensated for this post and all opinions are my own. This is an entry for the travel competition to win a weekend break in Paris.


  1. 23 September 2013 / 12:16 am

    Such beautiful colors and wonderful layers. Great for fall.

  2. 18 September 2013 / 6:42 pm

    Blimey I could have done with this post before I went to Berlin a couple of weeks ago, I thought I had done quite well, but it was hot and sticky and I just felt uncomfortable in everything!

  3. 18 September 2013 / 6:12 pm

    I am an experienced weekend traveller, as I do all the things you suggest. Apart from the clutch and I always bring a fold-up umbrella if the weather is in-between. I keep it in my bag in a plastic bag, so I can fold it away when it has become wet and still keep it in my bag.
    As for your suggestion about a fold up wash bag that hangs… I have one, but I wanted a more stylish one, so thanks for the tip of Sephora.
    PS, have you seen the invitation on my blog? To come to Amsterdam for a long weekend? LOL

  4. 18 September 2013 / 7:19 am

    Nice bunch of traveling advice. I love your outfits and hat. District Threads DT605 is a nice hat for the same purpose.

  5. 18 September 2013 / 2:27 am

    The bright colors work so well with your gorgeous hair color. Love it all!

  6. 17 September 2013 / 4:29 pm

    I've never thought about having a fake wallet – what a great tip! I always have at least one huge scarf too, for an extra layer of warmth. My tip would be to wear dark coloured bottoms so you don't have to worry about them showing the dirt.

    I'll be visiting London next month for 5 nights (we live in Spain) so I will only be taking a carry-on bag. I'll check the forecast before travelling, but intend to carry a trench-coat for when I arrive in the evening and will probably pack a small umbrella: I don't trust British weather!!

  7. 17 September 2013 / 1:32 am

    The fake wallet is an ingenious idea!

  8. 16 September 2013 / 6:26 pm

    Great advice, C. I always take a couple of huge scarves, and they're so versatile. I also have a little plastic wallet and only take the very-essentials. xoxo

  9. 16 September 2013 / 5:51 pm

    This weekend I go to Barcelona -) but I have only carry-on luggage – (

  10. 16 September 2013 / 3:54 pm

    I've never heard about creating a fake wallet. Neat idea! I only take the bare essentials like a couple of cards and some cash in a zipped compartment of my handbag which has a broken zipper pull. Even I struggle to get my cash out so I guess it'll be even harder for a pickpocket to try to steal my cash in a nanosecond. I travel very light but no matter how little I bring, I always end up with clothes I never wear. Grrrrr….!!

  11. 16 September 2013 / 2:35 pm

    Layering is the best advice! Speaking of, I love this outfit and how you layered the colors so well. You look fab!

    A Southern Drawl

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