Introducing My New Fashion Voucher Codes Widget
Just a quick post to introduce a brilliant new widget on my sidebar that gives you the very latest in fashion brand voucher codes – they’re sourced and regularly updated from LoveMyVouchers!

The widget displays the latest vouchers codes for UK stores, for example Pop Couture, Motelrocks, House of Fraser, La Redoute and Urban Outfitters, amongst others (many of them do ship internationally however). I had a quick look at what’s available on a few of them and came up with the beauties shown in the top image:

L-R: Motel Rocks Motel Savannah Cold Shoulder Dress in Citrus – £35
La Redoute Pink Printed Dress with Back Bow Detail – £35
Pop Couture Andrea Rainbow Stripe Maxi dress – £15

(I ADORE that rainbow maxi dress!!)

The red widget can be found on the left sidebar near the top and is called FASHION VOUCHER CODES; you can’t miss it unless you’re reading this on a phone, in which case you’ll have to switch to the web version which looks like this: Widget screenshot

So check back every now and then to see if your favourite store is offering a discount code! Please note my blog will look a little different from next week – just a few tweaks – so the widget will move over to the right sidebar. But it won’t be hard to spot being bright red 😉

Let me know if any of these codes are for stores that you shop in and if they’ve helped you make some savings!

Come back later today for a Phototips Friday post, won’t you…!

Catherine x
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*Disclaimer: the discount sometimes depends on a minimum spend and the offers mentioned may change at any time.

Please note the widget does contain affiliate links.

DISCLOSURE: Items marked* are PR products (I never accept anything I wouldn’t choose for myself) and my opinions are 100% honest. I also use affiliate links where I may earn commission if you click through and buy, at no cost to you.