New Feature: Shop My Look

Want to buy stuff that I wear? I’ve created some new pages on Not Dressed As Lamb where I’ve made it really easy for you guys to buy the same things I’ve bought – if they’re still available. Everything I’ve included is the real deal, or a near identical product (not just similar suggestions or things I like).

So if it’s online and I wear it/use it, you’ll find it here! At the top of the page, underneath my blog header, you will see a button that says new! shopmylook… click there. You’ll be given a choice of three sections on separate pages:

1. SHOP MY WARDROBE, where you can buy the actual clothes and shoes I wear
2. SHOP MY ACCESSORIES, where you can buy the actual bags, jewellery and other accessories I own
3. SHOP MY BEAUTY BOX, where you can buy the actual beauty products, make up and nail polish I use

You’ll see lovely clear thumbnails for direct links to the retailers’ sites where you can follow through and buy the items if you wish. I’ll keep them regularly updated, and if there’s anything you don’t recognise as something I’ve worn, it’ll be because I’ve just bought it (so you’d be getting a mini preview)! So look out on the blog for that item to appear for the first time.

If you don’t want to click on that button, you can see your choices below in a little preview of the ShopMyLook page:

A little wardrobe taster:

Click here to SHOP MY WARDROBE in full

A little accessories taster:

Click here to SHOP MY ACCESSORIES in full

A little beauty box taster:

Click here to SHOP MY BEAUTY BOX in full

I thought rather than posts where I give you links of what I like, I thought I’d simply create a page that you can choose to visit whenever you fancy… or not at all. It’s entirely up to you – I just hope it’s helpful to have everything in one place!

Let me know your thoughts on this idea and if you find it at all useful.

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend… a new outfit post will be up on the blog tomorrow – see you back here then 🙂

Catherine x

Please note this post contains affiliate links.


  1. 23 February 2013 / 3:07 pm

    Darned… I wanted the black and white sweater. I love that thing. Sold out in size 14….

  2. 23 February 2013 / 1:36 pm

    Love this idea Catherine because its all in one place. Of course I already checked it out and love many items because you style is one of my favs.


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