Wednesday, 19 August 2015

How to Wear More Than Three Colours | Lilac, Cobalt, White, Peach and Orange

Bright summer colours: Lilac, cobalt, orange, peach and pink
One of the daily challenges in the #iwillwearwhatilike campaign that I'm running on Instagram was to break the rule that dictates that an outfit should not consist of more than three colours. As you can probably imagine that was an easy rule for me to break - I wear many colours at once a lot.

To be honest this outfit was created simply by wearing all my favourite pieces (as far colour was concerned) in one go and hoping that they worked together. My favourite lilac skirt; my new favourite orange sandals; a new favourite (and sooo cheap in the sale) laser-cut peach bag; my favourite cobalt tank; my new favourite pink and orange mirrored sunglasses. I can't quite decide if my polka dot scarf from What Lizzy Loves Boutique is pink or lilac like the skirt, but it definitely tones in beautifully and adds a splash of pattern.

So remember - the only rule you have to follow is to take no notice of the rules. Dressing up should be about having fun, and if you are wearing more than three colours in your outfit or you are clashing patterns then the world isn't exactly going to come to a crashing end, is it...?

What's your favourite style "rule" to break? Do share in the comments!

Bright summer colours: Lilac, cobalt, orange, peach and pink
Bright summer colours: Lilac, cobalt, orange, peach and pink
Bright summer colours: Lilac, peach and pink
Bright summer colours: Lilac, cobalt, orange, peach and pink
Bright summer colours: Lilac, orange, peach
Bright summer colours: Cobalt tank, pink polka dot scarf, mirrored sunglasses
Scarf: What Lizzy Loves | Tank: F&F Clothing (similar) | Skirt: Asos (I like this jacquard one and this tulle one) | Sandals: Marks & Spencer | Bag: Dorothy Perkins | Earrings: Asos | Watch: Asos (I love this similar Kate Spade one) | Sunglasses: Asos | Nails: Barry M Gelly Blueberry | Toenails: Barry M Peach Melba

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  1. I love this concept of many colors....I mean really...look at a wonderful painting. The artist doesn't only use 2 or 3 colors...there are multiple hues & shades!! You look fab! jodie

    1. That's such a good point, Jodie! And thank you, you're very lovely x

  2. Pop, Pop, Pop, Pop of colour!
    I love this outfit...especially those shoes..{swoon}.
    You have (as always) managed to make the impossible work by pulling everything together with those clever touches... glasses picking out every colour, blue nails...peach toes.
    Your Freshly done "do" is looking great. I love the way red goes onto greys and gives them depth and vibrancy (I don't like how quickly it fades on my hair though!)
    Looking great....[*goes back to coveting shoes]
    Fake Fabulous

    1. Aww bless you Samantha, you're such a sweetheart! I have to say most of the time it's a happy accident (though maybe I shouldn't admit that...)! Thank you x

  3. Jodie's really nailed it on the head when she mentioned a painting. And also in nature you see different colours slap bang next to each other living quite harmoniously! And it's truly joyous that the outfit is composed of some of your favourite things.

  4. Love all the colors you have in this outfit. I don't own anything in the lilac and really like it with the soft blue.


    Would love to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

  5. I've always admired how you put colours together that shouldn't really "go". When I think of you, I think about bright, standout colours and pattern. I think you really do I sire us to be a little bit braver and to try something new. So thank you! And thank you for wearing the scarf from my boutique too! Love Liz xxx xxxxx

  6. I could never wear that many colours and look good!

    Jenn | Jennifer Jayne

  7. Love how you're breaking the colour rules and your orange sandals are so eye catching! I like the way their heels are quite chunky. You look lovely and your pictures are fun!

  8. Love the scarf with the skirt. That orange purse also rocks! Thanks for the fresh look.

  9. Hi Catherine,
    I really love the shock of the orange sandals. Very spirited outfit! ~Mary

  10. Love your shoes! Beautiful look!

    Oby Grace

  11. I wish ai could haha... Because thta is what drew me to your blog years ago. Your bold styling, your use of colours. But I am afraid I am not that good in styling and probably more conservative than I want to be. As I found out, looking at my outfits for iwearwhatilike... I never wear more than 3 colours together. I am so ashamed,

  12. I LOVE that you came up with this outfit by pairing all your favourite things together and it works brilliantly! I so have to give that a try. I do love colour and I'm lucky I can wear pretty much any shade (with the exception of some beiges but then who wants to wear too much beige?!). You look gorgeous, as always!
    Suzy x

  13. I love how all the colors work so well together, in an unexpected way.


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