• Okay – it’s autumn. I’ll accept it. So embrace it I shall with some …
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  • I’m back after a week off but in an outfit I wore a few …
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  • In my Best of the Blogosphere this month I have Instagram’s “undesirables”, old portrait …
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  • It’s time to feature fabulous women in fabulous outfits again… I’m away on …
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  • Super casual double denim this week, but that’s not to say it had to …
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  • So much has happened this year since I last published a review post, and sadly …
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  • London Visit: Pretending To Be Italian. Or At Least A Bit Continental.
    Bobbly Sparkly Knitwear & Flares
    Super Sleuth Pattern Mixer
    Funky Pattern Mix and Denim
    Vintage Blue with Pops of Pink
    Vintage Patchwork Bag, Yellow Wedges
    Crisp cerulean blue workwear
    Pretty pastels plus features, elsewhere
    Flowers in the rain

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