21 Brilliant Things to Read and Watch (the Best of the Blogosphere April 2022)

21 Best of the Blogosphere & Social Media Links (April 2022) | Not Dressed As Lamb

In my Best of the Blogosphere this month I have feel-good trainspotter Francis Bourgeois, Iris Apfel-inspired outfits, a blind girl doing her makeup and more!

Big shoutout to the first day of May today, my forever-favourite month ♥

Although I’ll never stop including blog post links that I’ve been reading in these monthly roundups, I do want to include more of what I’ve been watching.


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Confession time: I have become a little bit addicted to TikTok lately. If you – like I did before – are scoffing at the idea of joining yet another platform or think it’s just Generation Z-ers dancing about and miming to modern tunes, think again. Follow the right accounts and I PROMISE YOU there’s some really wholesome, gorgeous, feel-good stuff out there (I’ll admit it’s mostly animal and cute stuff that I follow).

I’ve decided to start sharing TikTok content because I honestly think you’ll enjoy it and love it too.

Not only that, but TikTok’s default feed (where it shows you a mixture of accounts you’re following and accounts you’re not but thinks you’ll like) is A THOUSAND times better than Instagram’s algorithm for your default feed. Stick with TikTok for a bit, and once you’ve followed a few accounts (I’m currently following less than 40) it’ll show you some really great stuff based on who you already follow. I end up watching/liking about 8 posts out of 10 that it shows me. Which, if you DON’T need a quality time suck in your life, maybe isn’t the best thing 😉

Keith gets a barrage of links I send him of stuff to watch on TikTok because it’s all so brilliant, my poor husband…

So do have a read of/look at these great links – you never know who or what you might discover that makes your day/week/month!

P.S. I’ve changed the title of these blog posts a bit – I don’t really know if “blogosphere” is entirely appropriate anymore, especially now I’m sharing TikTok videos. I bet there are many, many Generation Z-ers who don’t even know what a blog is #facepalm


What links did you like – and have you found any fabulous new content creators to follow? Comment below…!


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Stephanie asks whether anyone still reads blogs anymore (I certainly hope they do)!

I really rather miss blogger events – are these even a thing now with the rise of social media platforms? – looking at all the pictures of Greetje at the AndBloom party with a ton of content creators made me miss “the old days” of blogging.

Ever been told you can’t do something when you know you can (or even are just determined to try)? You need Msendoo’s golden advice.

Debbie ponders: what if today was the day you decided to change your life?

This Australian farmer couldn’t attend his aunt’s funeral, so he herded his sheep into a heart so that “she could see it through the clouds”.

Anna’s outfit inspired by Iris Apfel is giving me all the OTT accessories feels.

Tracee Ellis Ross’s reaction at locking eyes with Brad Pitt for the first time is so pure and joyful.

It’s no secret I adore vintage, so I love these tips for styling plus size vintage leather statement jackets.

A vet has explained why Norway have banned the breeding of English bulldogs and Cavalier King Charles spaniels – I was aware of the health problems brachycephalic (short-headed) breeds have, but the problems of Cavalier King Charles spaniels shocked and upset me. Go Norway.

Corinne has given us 7 ways to spring clean your life – I especially like the suggestion to spend time on your side hustle.

The history of Western women’s fashion illustrated with an outfit for every year from 1784 to 1970 (I’m absolutely fascinated by this).

Lucy lost her sight at 17 and shows us how a blind girl does her own makeup (with tons of practice and her sister’s feedback) – absolutely beautifully, I might add.

[TikTok] I’ve always wondered what’s the correct order to apply your skincare (serum before hyaluronic acid? or the other way round? before or after face oil??) – and now I know.

[TikTok] Bloopers from The Muppet Show are probably the best bloopers ever.

[TikTok] Personal trainer Viv Morrison, 57 (but looks 37!), runs chairfit4fun.com, where she posts chair workouts for people who are in wheelchairs, have limited mobility or similar. Super inspiring and she’s all sorts of wonderful.

ERMAHGERD check out these stunning diverse (body shape and colour) female form candles, coming soon.

I really liked Angie’s take on how the pandemic has realigned our personal style and discusses how it’s shaped her own.

If you’ve not yet seen Robert Downey Jr et al sing The Marvel Bunch in Brady Bunch style, you really oughta.

Francis Bourgeois is an English trainspotter whose extremely extreme [not a typo] enthusiasm for trainspotting is utterly infectious. (He was apparently teased at school for his love of trains – with his combined Instagram and TikTok following of 3.9m, I wonder who’s laughing now…) See him go on the Pullman Coaches, the UK’s most luxurious train pulled by the Queen’s locomotives. I love this young man SO much.

I know that reorganisation videos are two a penny, but I KEEP forgetting to hang clothes – cleverly and properly – like this.

This is excellent advice not just for bloggers but for any marketers: 6 reasons why your blog email outreach campaigns are failing.

And a few Not Dressed As Lamb posts you perhaps missed first time around:

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Stay safe XOXO

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    Your blogs are full of variety. Loved reading it.

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    I loved reading through this sweetie!

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    So much stuff to look at!! There’s the rest of my day gone lol! Thanks Catherine 😉
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  4. 2 May 2022 / 11:10 am

    Can’t wait to read some of these links, there are some topics among them that really fascinate me. And the seated workouts are timely, my mobility is badly restricted for the foreseeable while awaiting ankle surgery, and my fitness is deteriorating – so I will definitely take the TikTok plunge and try these!

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