24 Valentine’s Gifts for Men and Women (That Aren’t Chocolates or Flowers)

Valentine's gifts for men and women that aren't flowers or chocolates | Not Dressed As Lamb

6 days to go until the chocolates and flowers onslaught hits us for real –

but are you going down the Thorntons and roses road or would you like something a little different? If it’s the latter you’re in the right place: I have 24 Valentine’s gifts for men and women for you (that’s 12 each)!

Some of you may know that I’m not big on Valentine’s Day myself, but I have to admit I do like to see some of the creative ideas that pop up in my Inbox from different retailers touting their lovebird wares. The days of a box of chocolates and/or a dozen red roses being the only things available to get your loved one are long gone – there are many, many inventive, unusual and gorgeous gifts you can get your significant other these days.



And if you don’t have a significant other, then just do the Palentine’s or Galentine’s Day thing and treat your pal/gal pal instead. Or – even better – why not treat yourself…?

If ever there was a time to give yourself a little treat, it’s February: The month equivalent of Tuesday, if you see what I mean. If January is like Monday (when the excitement of Christmas, i.e. the weekend, hasn’t quite died down yet), then February is the dull month to Tuesday’s dull weekday. Christmas is loooooong gone, there are no bank holidays, the weather is grim. So brighten it up by buying yourself a lightning heart glitter clutch for a night out or perhaps a heart stripe hot water bottle to warm your toes.

Better still, buy some Cookie Dough Ben & Jerry’s and put it in an Alessi ‘Big Love’ ice cream bowl and spoon and have the lot to yourself. What better way to show yourself you care…?!


12 Valentine's gifts for women that aren't flowers or chocolates | Not Dressed As Lamb

Valentine’s gifts for women

Top row, L-R: Porcelain Gold Heart Teapot Set | Faux Leather Biker Jacket With Embroidered Heart Patches | Lightning Heart Glitter Clutch
Second row, L-R: Lulu Guinness Heart Coin Purse | Heart Pattern Collar | Open Heart Multirow Necklace
Third row, L-R: Ted Baker Rose Coloured Tiny Heart Stud Earrings | Rock On Ruby ‘Boyfriends and Girlfriends Are Overrated’ Sweatshirt Set | Pewter Decorative Heart Shaped Box
Bottom row, L-R: Vivienne Westwood Heart Orb Keyring | Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver Open Heart Ring | ASOS Heart Breaker Valentines High Heeled Sandals

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12 Valentine's gifts for men that aren't flowers or chocolates | Not Dressed As Lamb

Valentine’s gifts for men

Top row, L-R: Arrow and Heart Cotton-Blend Socks | I Don’t Like Valentines Day Card | Le Creuset Cast Iron Heart Casserole (US link)
Second row, L-R: Sophie Conran for Portmeirion Heart Bowl | Commes des Garcons Play Red Eau de Parfum | Sally Clay Silver and Leather Coordinate and Date Bracelet
Third row, L-R: Heart Stripe Hot Water Bottle | Eat My Cake London Lobster Biscuit | McLaggan Smith Small Red Heart Mug
Bottom row, L-R: Thomas Pink Herringbone Heart Cufflinks | Commes des Garcons Play X-Ray Heart Logo T-Shirt | Alessi ‘Big Love’ Ice Cream Bowl & Spoon (US link)


Want your other half to get you something here?

I know I’ve featured gifts for women here when I can imagine they are many things you’d like for yourself but from your OH. So in effect you’re not the right person to be reading this (but don’t get me wrong, I’m very happy you are)!

I have a few solutions to help you drop a few subtle (or not so subtle) hints for ensuring they get you something for Valentine’s Day other than petrol station flowers:


  • Set up an Amazon Wish List. I’ve had one of these for years – you can add anything from any website, it doesn’t have to be from Amazon (if it’s not it merely gives a link to that website). Let your OH know it has things you really love and send them a link to your list. If they get something from it the gift will still be a surprise, but they know it’s definitely something you want… Win, win, anyone? (Though I’d advise against adding that Tiffany’s diamond ring at the beginning of February, that’s just waaaaaay too obvious…)
  • Forward this post to them! Send a little note that says Look what I saw on the e.g. bottom row on the left, I just LOVE it, sweetheart… No need to be subtle every time, eh?
  • Repin this post and add a comment to it, tagging them in. That’s assuming your OH actually uses Pinterest, of course. If not, there’s always…
  • Twitter – tag them in by tweeting a link to this post. Or add a comment to my Facebook post that links back here and tag them in, saying what you really love.

Again, many of these ideas aren’t subtle, but men especially often prefer to be given solid direction when it comes to gift buying. Why fight it…?! 😜



  1. 15 February 2017 / 1:28 pm

    Thanks for this lovely alternative Valentine's day gift ideas. I reached to your post late. I already gave flower bouquet with one tshirt to my partner. I will wait for next year and will surely check your blog for new Valentine's gift ideas.

    Jasmine Rhyas

  2. 9 February 2017 / 10:18 pm

    Gorge suggestions. Peter has an amazon wish list which makes life easy. I love celebrating Valentine's Day, always have x

    • 9 February 2017 / 11:22 pm

      Amazon lists are brilliant, aren't they Vicki?!!

  3. 9 February 2017 / 11:46 am

    I can never think of interesting gifts for Mario especially not for Valentines, I love personalised gifts but there's only so many you can buy so as Mario is on a health kick at the moment and not drinking much alcohol, I have got him a really nice bottle of red wine as its his favourite and will be a real treat! 🙂


    • 9 February 2017 / 4:35 pm

      Going on a health kick IS awkward at Vday, Mia – hopefully you find something special for him! x

  4. 9 February 2017 / 10:35 am

    "What better way to show yourself you care?" Bahahaha! My sentiments exactly Catherine! Mark & I tend to show each other we care every Saturday night when we share a tub of Ben & Jerry's whilst watching Netflix 😉
    Really fun post mate & actually not just for V day right? xx

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