The Vintage Pink Mulberry Dress

Pink Mulberry flower detail dress, patterned tights & color block bag

You may have seen yesterday’s post where I shared my 11 Top Blogging Tips I picked up at the Next Blogger Network workshop last Monday.

Here at last is the outfit I wore: yes people, I can finally bring you pictures of THE pink Mulberry dress!

I say “the” dress because it’s been seen a lot on Instagram and Twitter and causing a mini commotion with questions about where it’s from, plus I had loads of compliments about it on the day (thank you lovely fellow bloggers). It was a loan from designer dress agency Love Is Boutique in Kent that sells new, nearly new, pre-loved and vintage clothes and accessories. The owner Paula approached me about collaborating in some way and I knew I needed something to wear to the event, so I hesitantly asked if I could borrow the most amazing pink Mulberry dress I’d seen on her online shop… love at first sight can’t be ignored!

So I’m sorry to say it’s a one-off (and designer to boot), but I’m not sorry I was bold enough to ask to borrow it. I think the pictures speak for themselves about just how exquisite the dress is – if you look closely at the flowers, the gold petals are made of zips. =Le sigh=

Pink Mulberry flower detail dress

Other outfit details to note: I went with tights because the thought of bare legs in October was too horrific to contemplate, and I love the “swirling” effect that these black dotted ones give (I don’t remember buying them so I don’t know where they’re from, my bad). I added a chain detail cut-out belt that complemented the cut-out flowers and carried my Next colour blocked bag, plus the personalised Twitter name ring was featured in a post at the weekend – I can thoroughly recommend getting one for blogger events.

I know pink isn’t everyone’s favourite, but it is the colour of the season and I reckon it would make a fabulous alternative to a LBD at your Christmas party do. I’ve selected a few pink dresses to hopefully soften the blow that this was a designer dress and I can’t give you a link to buy the same one (see the end of the post for details)…!

The story doesn’t quite end there. The best part of all was that Paula of Love Is Boutique made the most amazing gesture… she afterwards offered me the dress to keep. [Insert image of me leaping around Nicole-Sherzinger-on-the-Xfactor-style here.] To say I was scraping my jaw off the floor was an understatement – there are many, many reasons I love blogging, and I’d be fibbing if I said the freebies weren’t a factor. I can’t thank Paula enough and just hope that I did the dress justice – her online shop is a joy to look around.

So… have I converted you to pink? Let me know in the comments!

Twitter handle gold name ring
Pink Mulberry dress, patterned tights & color block bag
Pink Mulberry flower detail dress

Dress: Mulberry (c/o Love Is Boutique), Bag: Next, Belt: New Look at Asos, Tights: Unknown, Heels: Aldo, Name ring: c/o oNecklace, Plaited bracelet: Debenhams, Watches: Debenhams, Earrings: Unknown, Nails: Revlon Hazy

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    • 29 September 2014 / 7:08 pm

      Thank you Idu – you've reminded I really must wear it again! This Christmas maybe…?!!

  1. 15 November 2013 / 3:46 am

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! I am a sucker for hot pink and I will wear it whenever I possibly can! I wan the whole outfit in my closet. Stat!

  2. 14 November 2013 / 4:26 pm

    Wow! I lovelovelove this look! everything from your dress, the bag & your hair! I love wearing bright colors year round, so it makes me happy to see others doing so as well 🙂

    XO, Joanna
    Beloved Jar of Clay

  3. 11 November 2013 / 8:44 pm

    That is one gorgeous looking dress and you absolutely rock it. It definitely shows we need more pink in our closets, it's strong and feminine. Love the details on the flowers, wow! And how sweet you got to keep the dress, that's the kindest! Checking out her store!

  4. 9 November 2013 / 12:22 am

    this hair style has inspired me…I wonder if I can get this beautiful Goddess look? I'll keep you posted 🙂

  5. 7 November 2013 / 1:53 pm

    That mix of colour and texture is simply divine! Love how you pulled the look together with the black tights and belt – such a beautiful foil against the pink 🙂

  6. 7 November 2013 / 6:15 am

    Love this outfit! Great color!

  7. 7 November 2013 / 4:47 am

    That ring is too cool! Love the details on the dress, too!

    • 8 November 2013 / 10:17 am

      Thank you E – and for dropping by too :))

  8. 7 November 2013 / 12:21 am

    lovely use of color!

    love from LA,

  9. Adrienne Shubin
    6 November 2013 / 7:06 pm

    What a fabulous dress on you, Catherine! That color is perfect on you. Congratulations on getting to keep it!

  10. 6 November 2013 / 3:27 pm

    I love your outfit! I have a major love affair with patterned tights! I also love your dress!!

    • 8 November 2013 / 10:16 am

      Thanks hun! I love patterned tights too! x

  11. 6 November 2013 / 1:22 pm

    Wow!!! Love the whole outfit and so happy for you being able to keep it – wow again! Funnily enough, I've bought a lot of pink tops this season (one short-sleeved, one long´sleeved and one 3/4 sleeved!) after only having one old pink jumper in my wardrobe for many years. I might look out for a pink dress too having seen the ones you've shown!

    • 8 November 2013 / 10:16 am

      I'm definitely a closet pink lover, Sue! So it being in this season is such a great excuse to wear it a lot…! Thanks for your comment xo

  12. 6 November 2013 / 12:10 pm

    That dress is gorgeous! I love, love, LOVE it.


  13. 6 November 2013 / 11:34 am

    From head to toe that look is just fantastic!!! The colors are gorgeous too.

    Show off your look, get inspired and link up at Whatcha Wearing Wednesday!


  14. 6 November 2013 / 10:10 am

    What a lovely gesture of Paula. I can imagine you were stupified. Three cheers for Paula.
    (Nice bag by the way.)

  15. 6 November 2013 / 9:44 am

    Beautiful dress Catherine and I love the bright shade as it will brighten the gloomy weather we're having at the moment.



    • 8 November 2013 / 10:15 am

      Mary you're absolutely right – so unusual for pink to to be on trend in autumn – doesn't it make a nice change? Thank you x

  16. 6 November 2013 / 9:11 am

    Wow Catherine your dress is gorgeous and you must of felt amazing when you were told you could keep it! Beautiful look 🙂

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

    • 8 November 2013 / 10:14 am

      Oooh I haven't thought that far ahead, sweetie!! Though with such a little skirt I could wear it under a full skirt to wear it as a top…?!

  17. 6 November 2013 / 2:44 am

    wow such an original dress!

  18. 5 November 2013 / 11:39 pm

    It's a beautiful dress and you look stunning in it. Lucky you getting to keep it! I absolutely love your personalised ring!

  19. 5 November 2013 / 7:14 pm

    It *is* a wonderful alternative to the LBD – and it suits you so beautifully! xox

  20. 5 November 2013 / 6:13 pm

    You knew I was going to love you in it, didn´t you? yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    • 8 November 2013 / 10:12 am

      Yes I knew you'd be gushing over this one, Sacramento! ;))

  21. 5 November 2013 / 5:41 pm

    This dress truly is the prettiest shade of pink…what a lovely idea to get a dress for the holiday season in this colour!! You're lucky that you are already "all set!!" 😉

  22. 5 November 2013 / 4:56 pm

    I agree with you the bare legs can be intimidating, at least in cooler climates. But I think the tights make this look. The black makes it a little edgy and the texture of the tights are so interesting.
    You look great!
    Aesthetic Lounge

    • 8 November 2013 / 9:51 am

      Thanks Elizabeth – it's nice to have you here :))

    • 8 November 2013 / 9:50 am

      Thank you, Monica… and yes I did jump with joy (all on my own at home)! x

  23. 5 November 2013 / 3:09 pm

    The bag is fantastic, I know the post is about the dress which is pretty spectacular but I am mesmerized by the bag. The outfit looks great on you

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