Sunday, 21 July 2013

Summer Dressing | Coral Cropped Pants With Florals & Green

Coral Capri pants with green & blue
Coral Capri pants with green & blue
Jade green with blue florals
Coral Capri pants with green & blue
Summer colour combinations are getting me rather excited at the moment - oh how I now love coral, jade green, pale blue and black together! 

This is an outfit all made up of items a few years old, but as the UK gets so few proper summery days (this year is the first good summer for about seven years), my summer wardrobe clothes don't wear out from overuse. So they'll stay as fresh as the day they were bought... with one exception. I haven't worn the cropped pants for a couple of years as the zip came away from the fabric and I never got round to mending them - till this month. I saw them sitting patiently in the "To Mend" pile and stopped whatever I was doing at the time to mend them right there and then.

And voilà - it's as if I have a new pair of trousers! I'd forgotten how great they are for summer and how nice the colour is.

Are you the sort of person who mends things straight away, or are you like me and have a To Mend pile that's left for ages? If you're the latter, then let me tell you it's Sunday - go get that pile and mend! mend! mend! - a whole new wardrobe is just sitting there waiting for you!


  1. Hello,I like your style;),great color combination,lovely hair,beautiful;))

  2. Gorgeous colours! I leave things on the 'to mend' pile for ages, until the guilt becomes overwhelming and I have to stay up all night fixing everything...

  3. So cute!! I love coral anything.

    Take Care,
    Mandy Jean

  4. this look is definitely my style, I love it

  5. I can so relate about the mending pile. I try not to look at it, as it gives me the guilts : > Wonderful crops and I love this tee! xoxo

  6. You're right, I'm really missing my zebra print shorts waiting on me in the mending pile!

  7. The shrug is very pretty. I love the color combo.

    x Natasha/FreeUrCloset

  8. This is a really great summery look! I am in love with your purse, its really something :)


  9. I feel you - I let things sit in the "to mend" pile, until husband urges me to mend something he put there, then I start doing everything. At the end of the job I usually think something like "it really didn't take so long, next time I'll get to the mending immediately!". But the story keeps repeating, and I start accumulating again...
    I love the colors in you outfit, and how they go together!

  10. Perfect color combo for summer. Coral is such a vibrant color and goes so well with the blue.

    I can not sew so anything that needs fixing or alterations sits in a bag until I remember to go see a tailor.


  11. Excellent colour combination. The bag is gorgeous.


  12. Butifull colour :)I love the back

  13. I'm loving your pants and top! So cute and fresh :)

    Life in the Fash Lane

  14. Love the color combo...the top is particularly pretty!
    Debbie :)


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