Friday, 31 August 2012

Embellished Vintage Shirt

2012-08-31 Not Dressed As Lamb 001
2012-08-31 Not Dressed As Lamb 002
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(No Photo Tips Friday today, I'll give you guys time to digest all the waffle I've thrown your way so far!)

Although I do shop a lot online, I don't always buy new: I'm a big eBay fan, mostly for vintage items. This shirt may or may not be actual vintage as it was described - I call it my old lady shirt (I got an "oi, oi" from my mum about that description!) - but it's one of my favourites. This time it just needed a little adornment in the shape of some pretty pearl collar pins (I'd been meaning to do a DIY to make some, but ASOS shoved some under my nose in the sale. Tut, tut).

It's pretty much the weekend, so here's to you all having a great one! Oh and I'll be back from my sabbatical in my next post on Sunday: you might find that the blog looks a little different when you come back...!

[she does a little excited dance]

Shirt: eBay vintage (Betty Barclay), Trousers: ASOS, Collar pins: ASOS, Belt: Next, Heels: Debenhams, Black bracelets: Unknown

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  1. Love the addition of the pearl collar pins - they make the look so nostalgic.

  2. heeey lovely blog :)
    would you like to follow each other?

    xx BBella

  3. amazing shirt! I'm following you now :)

  4. Lovely colour palette, Catherine! Your blouse's pearlized, variegated buttons are amazing. All the best with your blog changes / updates!

    1. Thanks Amber... I'm nervous but excited all at the same time! xoxo

  5. Oh how I love this shirt! I don't know why and its probably just me but its almost comes across quite oriental which I am really loving at the moment. I love how it looks with the blue cropped trousers, their shape is so chic and quite boy meets girl. The collar pins are a great touch :)

    Take care and enjoy your upcoming weekend,

    Daniella xox

  6. This top is sooo lovely Catherine!!


  7. Great outfit - LOVE those pants!

    Can't wait to see the new look of the blog!

    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  8. I love your blog so much. I'm following x

  9. I need to get some collar/cardi pins like this one! Love the little detail it makes in an outfit.

    <3 Cambria

  10. I love that shirt so much! I'm really liking your blog, just followed :) xx


  11. Hi dear :) I really like your blog, would you ike to follow each other? If so-follow me and leave a comment so I can see and return the love! Can;t wait to see you at my site! :)

  12. I like your shirt.
    I love your blog! Please check out my blog, maybe we can follow each other. I'm following you now!

  13. Catherine, I love the blouse. The colors and print are perfect for you!
    Have a wonderful weekend sweetie.


  14. That is such a cute shirt, I love the collar detail <3

  15. Lovely shirt, Catherine. Loving the adornment pearl pin.
    Have a grand weekend.

  16. Love the cut and color of your pants, elegant yet casual.
    Material Fixations

  17. et tres chic madame! superly love your shirt!

  18. The shirt pin is incredible!

    adorn la femme

  19. love that blouse and love it even more adorned in pretties! im the same with DIY's if its cheap and i can buy it already made i do haha! And im also a huge ebayer. Lately i have been selling lots and then spending it back on ebay, but thats still pretty thrifty if you ask me;) xxx

  20. LOVE this blouse! It is gorgeous and looks amazing with the blue pants! I also love the little pearl detail at the collar!

  21. Loveee your outfit! Those pants are incredible...Also the details of the shirt are gorgeous... I'm your newest follower via google (#375) I'd love it if you could check out my blog and maybe follow as well?


  22. I shop a lot on eBay too and have found that just because they say it is vintage doesn't mean it is actually vintage. Some things I bought were vintage "like". They looked vintage but were newish. That is a lovely blouse and I especially love those pearl collar pins. :-)

  23. The print is perfect with your hair - great choice. Pearl collar pins - nice touch!

    Popped in from NDYS' Visible Monday.


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