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Musing: What Carol (Vorderman) wore

The headline was, “Carol Vorderman shows off her figure in skintight top and jeans” and the debate was, rather predictably, should a woman of 50 be wearing this outfit? So you may or may not have seen this photo of Carol…


Teeter totter

Not such a good idea to pose in 5½inch heels on a road with little pebbly bits of tarmac all over the place. These shoes just have to be shown off in the best way possible… which isn’t necessarily the…


Forever autumn

Why can’t the weather make up its mind, it makes dressing at this time of year so difficult! This morning it was beautiful sunshine so we tidied up the garden (good job as it became today’s location), then it chucked…


Hello duckie

A couple of attention-seeking ducks (and their friends) decided they all wanted to get their picture on my blog today. Who am I to stand in the way of fame-hungry birds? So today we’re sporting an old fave of a…


September sun

Aaah… the first of September and you’d think the summer had started today. So on went a floaty, floral, summer dress, an updo and a bit of bling. Unfortunately the dress needs a full length nude slip underneath otherwise it’s very see-through…


Colour block holiday

(Firstly: I have a new lens! It takes super-sharp photos! We’re now broke! But my blog loves the new lens it tells me.) Needed brights for the last day of summer today. So out came the fave colours: coral, turquiose…


Bowie, Fame and Fashion

My fave Bowie tee, coloured denim and my new Adidas for a sunny Bank Holiday Monday. The hat saved me doing my hair… nuff said. Aladdin Sane tee: Asos Hat: Asos Jeans: Very Trainers: Adidas from Office Bag: Star by Julien…


Channelling my inner Mr.T

I might change the name of this blog to Not Dressed in Sheepskin: A Fashion & Weather Blog. This photo doesn’t really show how freezing cold it was outside today – August Bank Holiday weekend and of course the weather…


Somewear Over the Rainbow

Q: How often do rainbows come out when you’re taking a photo? A: Almost never… till today. It was a race to catch the sun today as the sun was setting and the clouds were moving in, and then a…


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