Are We Being Social? Plus Links à La Mode!


It’s social media madness here at Not Dressed As Lamb – I want to check we’re connected evvvvverywhere, lovely readers! I’ve been seriously getting to grips with Twitter lately, plus I’ve realised it’s time to bite the Zuckerburg bullet and make my Facebook presence felt more: please, I need your Likes! So here is my Social Media Call to Arms – and don’t forget to scroll down for this week’s Links à La Mode (featuring yours truly) over at IFB! 


Facebook: I’ve just sorted out my brand new FB page, so I’ll be adding more as time goes on – to start with, would you be good enough to “Like” my page if you’re a FB user? Click here for the link – it would be a great start, thank you thank you!

Twitter: If you’re not already following me, you’ve missed out on tweets letting you know as soon as a new posts are up on the blog, what sartorial wranglings I’m grappling with, plus links to the best fashion blog outfit(s) I’ve found on the interweb each day. Or if you have a quick question, tweet me!

Instagram: I usually share pics from my outfit posts – so it’s another way to find out when a new ootd post is up on the blog. Plus I’m quite partial to a sunset, my latest manicure and a beautiful building or two.

Pinterest: With nearly 2,000 pins, I’m a hardcore Pinner! With boards on everything from My Autumn/Winter Style to Interiors Inspiration, Health & Fitness to DIY, there’s something for everyone to follow. Wherever possible I always try and pin from the original source if there’s a tutorial connected to it (rather than just repinning).

And there’s just a few other things I wanted to share…

Vlog: In a post in July (so long ago), I asked readers to ask me questions that they wanted to hear me answer in a vlog – ring any bells with any of you? I’m afraid this little project’s been put on hold for a few weeks [months]; Mr Summers is the resident filmmaker as I’m hopeless with a camcorder and editing. Unfortunately (for me) he’s been working on a slightly more urgent creative project that’s taking up quite a bit of his time at the moment – but that’s a really good thing of course! So don’t worry folks I haven’t forgotten, it will eventually make an appearance!

Blogroll: I have updated my blogroll (click on the link under my header) – it now includes everyone’s headers rather just a list of blog names, so you get a little more of a feel for a blog by their design.

Phototips Friday: Do any of you have any suggestions for my Photo Tips Friday posts? What would you like me to cover? I can’t guarantee I can definitely cover that topic, but I’ll sure see what I can do! Leave me suggestions in the comments below 🙂

That’s it for now until a new outfit post tomorrow – and do check out Links à La Mode below. Have a great weekend!
Catherine x


Links a la Mode

Color Stories

Edited By: Taylor Davies

Aubergine. Oceanic blue. Wedding White. For this week’s Links a la Mode round up, I focused on posts that drew inspiration or centered around color. Whether it was styling up a range of colorful pants or looking at the rise of black and white dressing, there were so many creative and cool blog posts centering on color. Take a look, get inspired and taste the rainbow!


A Floriculturist – Schoolgirl Style
Arash Mazinani – Inappropriate Looks Part 3: Lena Dunham & That Outfit
Avenue M – DIY House & Home
Being Zhena – Coat Obsessed
Best of Bklyn: Fun Things To Do With Instagram
Chocolate Sarcasm – In Their Closet: Madmoiselle S
City Brewed – NYC’s 5 Best Thrift Shops
Fashion Moriarty – Recurring Images: The Sea
Fashion, Trends & More – 5 Ways to Wear Colored Jeans
IFB – What’s The Right Platform For Your Fashion Blog?
Informed Style – Fashion in Art at the Metropolitan Museum
La Dulcie Vita – Aubergine For FW12
My Fashion Slash Life – How To Make The Most Of Your Fashion Styling Internship
Not Dressed As Lamb – Create Professional-Looking Product Photos
Rock My Heels – The Wedding: Wearing a DIY leather dress & ADR for H&M shoes
Slow Burn Fast Burn – I’ll be in Space
The Clothes Muse – Tutorial for Wrap Bustier Using a Scarf
The Girl in the Yellow Dress – A World in my Dreams
The Fashionistyle – {street flash} Opposites Attract
WWelcome To My Closet – The Colorful Denim Challenge


Shopbop 40% Sale: FreePeople, Tsovet, DKNY, Watches, T-bags, Hatch, Yogawear, SneakersBras & Stockings

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  1. 21 November 2012 / 8:54 am

    There, I've 'liked' you too, under my real name! I'm totally social media lazy; Facebook is the only one I bother with, so great to see you there.

  2. 17 November 2012 / 1:04 pm

    I'll definitely follow Catherine…follow me too I need more likes;)
    Have a great one and I am thinking about those photo tips..i'll let you favorite segment!
    sheree xxx

  3. 17 November 2012 / 7:30 am

    I haven't got Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest but I've "liked" on Facebook 🙂
    Can't wait to see you vlog!

  4. 17 November 2012 / 2:52 am

    I have a Photo Tips Friday request please. In an earlier post you gave some very helpful suggestions on properly resizing images. Thank you for that by the way. You suggested that you might do a post on sizing images that have been cropped or resized. I would find that to be extremely helpful.

    Thanks, Sue xo

  5. Adrienne Shubin
    16 November 2012 / 10:08 pm

    "Liked" you with my blog's FB page The Rich Life (on a budget). Would love it if you liked me back (I sound like an insecure schoolgirl!)
    I love how you are really going for it with your blog…and it's showing! Your hard work, commitment and fantastic style is making you very visible and I am so happy for you! I love that you pass your knowledge on to us. It's very generous of you.

    Have a lovely weekend,
    xo, Adrienne

    • 17 November 2012 / 2:50 pm

      Awww you're a total sweetheart, Adrienne! Thanks so much for your kind words, and of course I have Liked you on FB. Love your likening yourself to a schoolgirl – I of course just come straight out and ask for Likes from everyone. So blasé!! xoxo

  6. 16 November 2012 / 5:42 pm

    You've been hit by the social bug too! Just like me =D
    I recently created a Like page for my blog and it has been great! I just followed you on Facebook =)

  7. 16 November 2012 / 4:20 pm

    Catherine! hi! i have to do that same thing. time always runs out. great job you did and hope it is successful for you, of course.

  8. 16 November 2012 / 3:12 pm

    Kudos to you dear Catherine for your savvy across social media platforms!!!

    My Photo Tips Friday question would be any tricks / pointers / suggestions for interior lighting when battling lack of daylight in winter. I love that helpful series, thank you so much for it.

    WIshing you an excellent weekend, xoxoxo

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