I've divided my favourite blogs into those over 40 and those under 40 because many readers contact me and ask me to recommend some older bloggers. These separate lists make it nice and easy!

The Over40Collective

The Over40Collective is a professional group of experienced 40+ European digital influencers, a group of which I'm part of:

Catherine (me)
Michelle - The Barefaced Chic
Michelle - Michelle Tyler
Nikki - Midlifechic
Annette - Lady of Style
Lisa - The Sequinist

Amazing 40+ blogs (or nearly 40)

Janise - Mama in Heels
Jeanne - Two Take on Style
Judith - Style Crone
Kirsten - The LIFB Issue
Lyn - Accidental Icon
Martina - Elegant 40
Mary - Mary Murnane
Melanie - Bag and a Beret
Sacramento - Mis Papelicos
Samantha - Fake Fabulous
Sharron - Keeping it Fabulous
Shauna - Chic Over 50
Sheela - Sheela Writes
Sheree - She She Show
Suzanne - Suzanne Carillo
Suzi - Alternative Ageing
Sylvia - 40+ Style
Sylvia - Simply Sylvia
Tamera - Tamera Beardsley

Bloggers I love who are a little (or a lot!) younger than 40 include...

Jaclyn - Bumpkin Betty
Kat - Katiquette
Kat - Kitty & B
Keiko - Keiko Lynn
Kelsey - Kelsey Bang
Lauren - The Marcy Stop
Lauren - Style Elixir
Lily - Joli House
Porcelina - Porcelina's World
Rachel - Rachel the Hat
Stella - J'adore Fashion
Tiffany - The Werk Place
Vicki - Honest Mum
Viktoriya - Tie Bow Tie
Yen - Diva in Me
Alanna - Xander Vintage
Amber - Forever Amber
Ashley - Sed Bona
Christina - Profresh Style
Christine - My Style Pill
Daniella - Lella Victoria
Debs - Bang on Style
Donna - Polkadot Pink


  1. Oh wow!! What a terrific list. I'm always searching for new sources of inspiration and this amazing list is going to help a lot. Thanks so much for including my blog. It's always an honor.

  2. Tremendous!! i didn't check all the 40 blogs but some of them, these are impressive and fabulous stuff. Mistress Rocks is my fave store from i buy dresses now a days 30% off sale is offering.

    1. Hope you find some amazing bloggers to follow, Sarah! x

  3. I'll check these out though I already follow quite a few...though just recently I've been drawn to 20 something French bloggers...must be a 45 year old thing!! X

    1. I went through a phase of following a lot of Dutch 20-something bloggers, Tracey (well, I still do, follow them I mean) - so maybe it's not just you...!! ;)) x

  4. I just found your list Catherine. Too bad I didn't make it onto it. Maybe next time:) xx Abby

    1. Abby I can't tell who you are without a URL or blog name...!! Leave me your details! x

    2. P.S. There's no "next time" - it's a permanent list :))

  5. Thank you so much Catherine for featuring me! I love how you described my style. It's so interesting to hear someone else's perspective, especially since when I'm asked to describe my style I never know what to say. Love the "chaotically chic" description. So flattered to be included on your blogroll!!


    1. Cherie it was my absolute pleasure to feature you my lovely! x

  6. Love your blog! So great to celebrate women of any age looking good. I too am an over 40 blogger. Check out my blog if you wish at I'd love to be featured on your wonderful blog.

  7. Some lovely blogs to inspire me and others Catherine. thanks for a great read. Jacqui

    1. My pleasure Jacqui, hope you've enjoyed reading them! x

  8. Thank you, Catherine, for including me in your list of blogs! What a great group of beautiful women!

    XOXO Lisa aka thesilverstylist

  9. Thank you darling Catherine!!!! You are so sweet!!! xoxo

  10. Catherine, wow, thank you for including me in your list!

    1. It's my pleasure, Glenda - I'm sorry that I hadn't included you before (don't know why)...?!

  11. I am so humbled to be included amongst such a group of talented and creative beauties! Thank you for continuing to inspire us all Catherine! Xoxo

    1. I'm so pleased you're pleased Heidi!! And thank you xx


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  13. Wahh, thank you so much for including me Catherine, that's so very gracious of you! So many more amazing bloggers for me to check out here xx

  14. This is great and I will certainly check out the list. Inspiration is so useful and mutual support not easy to find. So I was really grateful, honored and happy for Patti to include me on her blogroll. 🙇 Because I am a huge fan of female bloggers supporting each other. And you lead by example Catherine! All the best! Happy blogging. xxx Sabina

    Sorry if you got a whole bunch of comments. It's the smartphone ...

  15. Love Jamie from More than Turquoise. She's always has the best statement pieces! Cheers, Deborah

  16. Thank you so much for including me in your list Catherine - I always love reading what you have to say. You have such a cute way of featuring whatever needs to be featured. I've just read that you are starting doing your photos in raw - my hubby has been telling me to do this for ages but I am concerned about the size of the photos....but these last ones of yours look positively amazing!

    xoxo Yvonne

  17. Thank you for including me in such fine company <3

  18. Thank you so much for including me on your list! I very much appreciate it.

    Have a great day!


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