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Women Over 30 Breaking the Style Rules | #iwillwearwhatilike Days 16-31

Women over 30 breaking the style rules | Not Dressed As Lamb
The end of #iwillwearwhatilike on the last day of August would have been a sad day had it not been for the fact that the campaign lives on! Starting next week, I'll be the host of the new #iwillwearwhatilike link up - you can read all the details here. Can't wait to see what fabulous creations you all link up!

In the meantime I wanted to showcase the second half of the amazing ladies that joined in with the campaign with the themes of days 16-31 (you can see days 1-15 here). Everything from rainbow hair to leather trousers, dungarees to short dresses... they're all there.

Massive thanks again to all the ladies for joining in with this campaign. I'm so sorry I couldn't fit in everyone - I had to leave out so many great looks - but I've included as many different Instagrammers as I could. Do check out the #iwillwearwhatilike hashtag and of course click through to these great accounts and show them some love.

And I'll see you back here on Monday for the link up, yes...?!!

16 - Abercrombie & Fitch

A photo posted by Samantha Blair (@fakefabulous) on

17 - Overalls (dungarees)

A photo posted by Ann Krembs (@krembdelakremb) on

18 - Mini skirts

A photo posted by Ness (@paperbytheton) on

19 - Ponytails

20 - Crop tops

21 - Rainbow hair

A photo posted by Michelle Tyler (@retrochicmum) on

22 - Furry anything

23 - American Eagle

24 - Booty shorts

A photo posted by @fashionover50isfab on

25 - Old sneakers

26 - Cheap bras

27 - Glitter eyeshadow

A photo posted by Amy Stachowiak Johnson (@ameliasfleurs) on

28 - Platform flip-flops

29 - Long hair

A photo posted by Emma Reid (@emusing_emma) on

30 - Scrunchies

31 - Leather trousers

Don't forget to check out the best of days 1-15 and read about the new link up - it should be a lot of fun! Of course it will all tie in with the continuation of the hashtag on Instagram too so don't miss out, whatever you do...!
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  1. Fun!!
    Fridays Fashions link up

  2. Thank you for sharing my derriere!! I'm going to try my very best to be with you on Monday. A three day migraine has left me more that a little bit behind - see what I did there :)
    If I can't manage a new shoot I'll share something, maybe a shot of the new 'explosion in a paint factory' shoes I bought the other day!!
    All the best for Monday.
    Much love
    Michelle xx

    1. My pleasure, Michelle - but oh no! to the headache...! I know exactly how you feel as I get 3 day headaches too. Don't forget you can link up something old, it doesn't have to be a brand new post. Hope you're feeling better soon x

  3. I'm loving all of these outfits - please keep wearing this kind of stuff - you all look fab!

    1. Aww Helen that's really sweet of you, thank you! I'll do my best :))

  4. I just came across your blog last night and as an over 40 (sewing) blogger myself....I LOVE it! I think I have always tried to wear what I want but this year in particular, I have worn crop tops and two piece bathing suits. Glad to see these ladies all wearing what they love, regardless of age!!!

    1. Margo that's fabulous to hear, and welcome - it's nice to e-meet you! Love that you share the same who-cares attitude... Life's too short, I'm sure you'll agree x

  5. Aw, thank you for sharing my long hair! I loved this! xxx

  6. Thanks for the feature again! I'm so glad #IwillwearwhatIlike lives on! It was too much fun to let go. I'm glad we can link up old posts, since it's not always easy to follow a theme on the spot. I just linked up a colorful outfit I wore last year, as I did not have any recent photos.

    1. You can link up anything you like, Amy - old or new, in line with the theme or not... As we're breaking the "rules" I'm not intending to impose more!! x

  7. Great campaign! Why should anyone tell you what you can and can't wear! I'm 33 and I still wear my hair in a ponytail - I didn't even know there was a rule against it. So I'm a rebel that didn't know I was rebelling lol. Does that count? #brillblogposts

    1. The ponytail was just one I read somewhere, Debbie - the old "hmm should older women wear their hair in a ponytail" question. I think all the leopard print wearing definitely proves a lot of us are breaking rules without knowing it!! Thanks sweetie x

  8. Ah I love this so much! Stopping by from #brilliantblogposts I am so getting my scrunchie out I used to love wearing them! I love this empowering post for women my age. Lizzie aged 38 and a half

    1. And why not get your scrunchie out, Lizzie - there's nothing like being told you CAN'T do something to make us want to do it more, is there...?!! Catherine aged 43 and one sixth

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