Sunday, 26 April 2015

Some of My Favourite Fun and Fabulous Links - April 2015

Some of my favourite fun and fabulous links - April 2015
As this is the fourth Sunday in the month that means it's time for my Favourite Fun and Fabulous Links! Some thoughts on being a redhead, beautiful shots of Japan and an extremely tired dog. Enjoy, and Happy Sunday :)

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If you're stuck about what to wear in spring, just take a look at this French style outfit by Jessica. Easy to recreate and always chic.

Need some images for your blog? Here's 550+ royalty-free stock photos to download.

Forever Amber
"Things redheads are sick of hearing" by (Forever) Amber is utterly, utterly brilliant - whether you have red hair or not. Shocking and hilarious all at the same time.

The best April Fool I (nearly) fell for.

Kristin looks absolutely incredible in her absolutely incredible, what-a-bargain designer embellished jacket.

Calla in Motion - Japan
I've always wanted to go to Japan but these images of Japan from Lindsey's blog make me want to go even more.

A post that every brand should read if they wish to work with bloggers: Many marketers still don’t understand the role of bloggers.

And on the same lines: if you're a blogger who's tired of being asked to work for free, sign the #NOFREEWORK petition.

Rachel the Hat - grey waistcoat
Rachel shows us exactly how to style a long grey waistcoat (vest).

Felicity and Lauren of Pretty Posh Oh My Gosh were the lovely blogging duo that won my category at the UK Blog Awards - they really deserved it, have a read of their lovely post about winning.

These 10 golden rules for making working from home a success are really, really good (much better than your usual working from home tips).

And finally... this dog sums up how I'm feeling right now:

Catherine x
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  1. Oh that YouTube is hilarious! We had a good laugh here in Vancouver!

  2. Replies
    1. He's great, isn't he Patti - doesn't give a monkeys and just carries on snoozing!!

  3. Brilliant round-up Catherine! I've clicked and bookmarked almost every link in this post! Especially those tips on working from home (much needed for a newbie like me)!

    1. Glad you liked them, Ashley - they're such good tips, aren't they...?!!! x


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