Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Plum Corduroy, Pink Jeans & Cobalt Shoes (& a Bit of Beaver)

Plum corduroy jacket, lilac jeans & taupe hat
(Read on for the reference to the last part of that title...) 

I know it's not green and yellow, but an outfit of cobalt blue and plum paired with bright lilac-pink seems to shout spring to me. I got these gorgeous "peony" pink skinnies from Asos for the princely sum of just £9... can you possibly go wrong when they're that price?! And although corduroy tends to suggest autumn, I love it at this time of year as well. This blazer is eons old, was originally pale dusky pink and now has leopard patterned buttons. The bright blue of my shoes and the check shirt work beautifully with the pink and plum I think, so all in all I'm rather crushing on this colour combination.

Plus how could I forget the fabulous felt floppy hat (also from Asos)? I apologise in advance for my childishness, but I couldn't help sniggering when I read the colour was "beaver". So here's me in my beaver hat. It's the first time beaver has appeared on my blog.

Too far...???

Plum corduroy jacket, lilac jeans & blue brogues
Plum corduroy jacket, lilac jeans & blue brogues
Plum corduroy jacket, check shirt & taupe hat
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Hat: Asos, Blazer: Dorothy Perkins (old), Shirt: River Island, Jeans: Asos (only £9!!), Heels: Zalando, Bracelet: Debenhams, Nails: No7 Midnight (old)

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  1. Ha, ha .. well, I guess beaver means 'taupe'? Love the bright blue shoes .. ah, I need colorful shoes in my life.

    monica, www.pear-shaped-gal.com

  2. Love this whole look, including the beaver. And what a great bargain on those jeans. xox

  3. Such a gorgeous outfit, beaver and all!

    Maria xxx

  4. I love this colour combination. And your hat. You have stunnings legs and bum in these trousers.
    As for beaver... I was quite intrigued hahaha. Although being Dutch, I know all these kind of expression and words.LOL

  5. What a stunning colour combination Catherine. It brings the essence of spring and so beautifully to :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

  6. I love the whole outfit, but those shoes are killer.

  7. I was definitely wondering about the "beaver" reference, dear Catherine!! ;) Yes, I totally agree...a really fresh, spring-has-sprung kind of look!! Love the way all the colours tie in through your plaid shirt; and the beaver - er, hat! - is a perfect boho touch!!


  8. Love this look Catherine. Those jeans and shoes are just fabulous. x

  9. Gorgeous outfit and colour combo!

  10. Pretty good! Well, i like this whole look. It will be perfect to match with this dress http://www.shesprom.com/mermaid-prom-dresses/

  11. Lol, beaver hat, so many inappropriate jokes in my head right now!!! :D
    Can't believe you snatched those pantaloooons for just £9! And from Asos! I love this Spring-y colorful ensemble! ^_^

  12. Fab outfit and I love how you mix your colours. Lilac and plum can be spring like too in my book - hyacinths and bluebells instead of primroses and daffodils!

    Giggling about the 'beaver' - wonder who thought up that name at ASOS!

  13. these colours are gorgeous together Catherine! What a great spring outfit! and the hat...swooon!!!
    i love how your nails match your shoes too...that is perfection right there! xxx

    ps beaver..*giggles*heeheee

  14. I'm just catching up on the last couple weeks outfits. My favorite post (that I missed) has to be the Fever London one. You.look.just.fantastic!

    This outfit is just right. Springy for sure, but in a way you can still go out and not get taken by the lingering chill.


  15. Catherine, I just love this look! So fresh and colorful. You did a beautiful job combining all those vibrant colors. I keep scrolling up and down, and just can't stop staring. They make me happy! :)


  16. Really like the jacket, I have one that is similar but velvet. I love your color combinations, and looking at your blog makes me think I need a few pair of brogues! You have a great collection. Of course i love the hat.
    Also note to self: more hats. :-) jess xo

  17. Love your use of colors! Totally adorable, per usual!

  18. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday! xox

  19. Love love this combination. You do colors so well!



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