Thursday, 23 January 2014

Ways To Wear A Black Maxi | With A Fur, Tweed & Leather Coat

Faux fur, tweed & leather coat, black maxi
What really could be better than a coat made of faux fur, tweed and leather? Not much, if you ask me. This is yet another of my favourite statement coats bought last year, and I played it simple with a black maxi and Breton-style stripes. We've had some very cold (but beautifully bright and crisp) days recently, so it's quite nice not having to bundle up against the wind and simply throw on a fabulous coat.

Are you all coping with the winter wherever you may be? Or are you coping with freakishly hot weather that various parts of the world seem to be having...? Let me know!

Leather gloves, faux fur
Faux fur & leather sleeves


  1. This coat is perfection, Catherine!! Love the leather sleeves (such great contrast with the tweed body) and that scrumptious faux-fur collar!! A great way to winterize your maxi skirt!!

  2. Your coat is fabulous, Catherine and the gloves add classy glamour to it. Perfect styling of a maxi skirt in winter! I see you go really British in your selection of brands today :-)
    Thanks for co-hosting, I will now check out the links.

    Luckily we still don't have cold temperatures and snow here... hope it stays like that!

    Annette | Lady of Style

  3. So cozy, and so very glamorous! Not to mention wonderfully practical for days like today : >

  4. This look is FAB! Thanks for co-hosting with us!!

  5. Oh wow, that last photo of today's outfit is just WOW! (The purple and red outfit is looking pretty cool too) :o)

  6. when i saw the title in my blog list, i was wondering how is she going to style that?

    wow! looks great!

    - Kif

  7. Thanks for hosting such a great link-up. Loved your outfit today with the glam fur touch and your featured look was fabulous as well. You have a great sense of style and what suits you best! -Gina
    On the Daily Express

  8. I love your purple outfit with the red. Just gorgeous with your hair.



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