Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Summer Dressing | Tribal Maxi Dress At The Quay

Tribal print maxi dress & Panama hat
I love the clash of two opposing cultures in this outfit: a tribal print (makes me think exotic African cultures) and a Panama hat (makes me think Englishmen watching cricket). This gorgeous dress was a purchase from designer resale boutique Grace & Ted in Bath in April and it's now my go-to for scorching hot days because it needs so little accessorising... it's a statement all by itself.

The day these were taken was spent lounging on a friend's boat down on the south coast; gorgeous sunny weather, being out on the sea and great company is my idea of a perfect day... it's a shame life gets in the way to stop us doing this all the time...!

What would be your perfect day? Most people suggest something during the summer but I'm interested in how everyone's idea of a perfect day varies :)

Tribal print maxi dress & Panama hat
Tribal print maxi dress & strappy flats
Tribal print maxi dress & Panama hat
(BTW if you're expecting my interview with Gok Wan, it'll be up on Friday - it's taken much longer than planned to get it written up. It may even have to be in two parts, it's all such interesting stuff I don't want to cut it down too much!)

Monday, 29 July 2013

Dinner Date Outfit | Scarf Print Top & Palazzo Pants

Scarf print top & polka dot trousers
During our long weekend away in Portsmouth we went out for dinner, and as the heat was still overbearing at the time I was desperate to find something to wear that wouldn't make me melt. Luckily the restaurant had air-con (you never know in the UK!), so I was perfect temperature-wise in my scarf print top and palazzo pants. 

I have found that scarf print tops can create strange shapes on your upper half depending on the pattern - thankfully the knot cut the diamond shape in half so as not to create an illusion of a large square rising out from my torso (which was the impression I got when I last wore it here). Have any of you bought any items with a scarf print? And did you find they create the same illusion thing (or is it just me...?)

Scarf print top & polka dot trousers
Mixed patterns & chevron rings
Scarf print top & polka dot trousers
Wishing you all a great week,
Catherine x
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I've found some gorgeous scarf print tops, palazzo pants and patterned clutches online (the only items in my outfit that still available are the Fingertip Rings from Asos and Barry M Lychee Gelly Nail Paint):

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P.S. If you've seen my Instagram feed or the post I wrote on Thursday announcing the launch of my Accentuate The Positive Project, you may know that I was lucky enough to interview Gok "How To Look Good Naked" Wan at the Activia Feel Good From Within event last week with four other bloggers! I should have the interview published by the end of this week (I'm aiming for Wednesday) - he was as lovely as you'd expect and fascinating to talk to. We covered some really interesting topics including weight loss, self-esteem and fashion and make up (of course).

Gok Wan & Bloggers

L-R: Dannii of Hungry Healthy Happy; Me; Gok; Laura of Keeping Healthy Getting Stylish, Tamsin of Little Glitter (what lovely girls they all were!)

Don't miss it!!

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Summer Dressing | Styling A Thrifted Embroidered Dress

Cream embroidered dress & Panama hat
In all this heat I finally got to wear the embroidered cream dress that I thrifted last summer - never worn till now due to the lack of warm weather. I wore it on the second day of the balloon festival where I wore all white with pops of red, this time I threw in a few neutral coloured accessories instead. (I think the Panama hat has become permanently stuck to my head this summer...!) Unfortunately there's no balloons in these pictures because it was too windy for them to go up :(

Last year I had intended to dye the dress a pale blue or pale violet colour (I even bought the dyes in preparation) - now I'm not so sure. What do you think: keep it cream or dye it a pastel colour? Help, I can't decide!

Cream embroidered dress & Panama hat

Cream embroidered dress & tortoiseshell watch
Feather earrings
Cream embroidered dress & Panama hat
Shop my look... I found lots of lovely cream embroidered dresses!

Thursday, 25 July 2013

The Launch of the Accentuate the Positive Project - It's Here!

Girls: Accentuate the positive! | Is there anything more inspiring than reading positive thoughts from women - those that aren't moaning about their hips or their arms or their crows' feet?
Today I'm announcing the start of a project that I would love every single woman reading this to take part in - the project is called "Accentuate the Positive" and I want everyone to do just that! 

At the beginning of July I wrote a post called "How To Make The Most Of Your Best Feature", and the response has been simply fantastic. It seems to have got women everywhere talking about the fact that we DO put ourselves down far too much, and don't spend enough time being proud of the parts we like about ourselves. The topic has been discussed at length on Twitter and Facebook as well as posts on other blogs (not just through the comments left on the original post) - and I'm glad that it's got all of you excited about it!

I asked several of the ladies who commented on the post if I could use their quotes and pictures for this post... is there anything more inspiring than reading positive thoughts from women - those that aren't moaning about their hips or their arms or their crows' feet?

Accentuate the Positive!

Top row L-R: Trea of Treasures n Pleasures, Amber of Forever Amber, Louise of The Princess Prudence Diaries
Middle row L-R: Me!, Emma of The Awkward Magazine, Victoria of The Wind of Inspiration
Bottom row L-R: Ashlea of Books, Pups & Stilettos, Greetje of No Fear of Fashion, Patti of Not Dead Yet Style

When the Best Feature post went out, inspiration came to me straight away to set up a new Facebook page - I knew that the way I'd recently felt good was by having encouraged women to feel good about themselves by stating what their best features were (thank you to all these gorgeous ladies for agreeing to let me use their pictures and quotes).

The Accentuate the Positive Project

So - this leads me onto the second stage of all this Best Features shenanigans. I have set up a Facebook page neatly entitled Accentuate the Positive and this is where EVERYONE gets to do what these ladies did - and show off all our best features!

So if you're still reading this post, then I want YOU to take part. The idea is that if the project intrigues you enough to take a look at it and read what everyone's written and uploaded, then you should join in and do the same - please don't be shy! All that you're required to do is to post a photo of yourself to the wall that shows off your best feature like my lovely ladies above, then say WHY it's your best feature. It's not just open to bloggers, it's open to everyone, everywhere (hence me choosing Facebook as the platform). And please "Like" the page too!

Screenshot - Accentuate the Positive Facebook page
Need some inspiration on how to decide what your best feature is? Then read the original post that started this whole thing off: - I hope it helps you either decide what it is, or what you want it to be!

So what do you all think - will you take part? Will you be encouraging friends and family to do the same? I hope so! I think it could be the start of something really big and truly inspirational, because the stars of the project will be all of YOU.

And we all deserve to be fabulous and be proud about that, don't we?
Catherine x
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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

My Two Year Bloggiversary: Presenting The Little Lammie Awards

Not Dressed As Lamb Little Lammie Awards
Firstly - it's my birthday! So Happy 41st Birthday to me :) Secondly - that would also mean it's my blog's birthday too - where has two years gone? It's turned into a bit of a monster, this blogging lark... and I wouldn't be without it for the world.

So rather than focus on my birthday - I can do that in real life and blog about it later - for this post I thought it was about time that ALL the extra specially loyal followers I have (you know who you are) were properly recognised. I had a think about this, and a nickname naturally came to me one day when messaging someone on Twitter... it's a rather lovely term of endearment that suits you lot perfectly because I think you're all so great. 

So if you're a fan of Not Dressed As Lamb you get to call yourself a special name:

You're one of my Little Lammies.

That's right, Lady Gaga has her Little Monsters, Glee fans are Gleeks, One Direction fans are called Directioners (I'm not going to mention that little singing boy from Canada) - and you, my dear readers, are my Little Lammies. All just for fun of course, but why not?

And as it's my two-year bloggiversary, and as I want to say a huge thank you to everyone for their amazing support, I thought I should highlight some of the most loyal readers by giving out the first ever Little Lammie Awards to the following twelve bloggers. I'm truly sorry I can't feature everyone, but I tried to pick just 10 - there were 12 finally. So in no particular order (I love all my Little Lammies equally), here they are.

Little Lammie Awards 2013 header

Sacramento - Mis Papelicos
Sacramento - Mis Papelicos
Oh wonderful, wonderful Sacramento is definitely one of my Little Lammies: she is such a huge supporter of mine! She has this thing about me wearing skirts and dresses (whenever I post an outfit featuring a dress I know for certain she will leave an excitable comment). An extra award is also deserved for her services to pattern mixing and creative combinations - they're truly funky.

Rachel - Rachel the Hat
Rachel - Rachel the Hat
A fellow UK blogger, Rachel is my retro vibe queen. With her raven hair and gorgeous figure she looks like she was made to wear the entire ModCloth range. She's been with me since the early days and always has a kind word to say on the blog or Twitter.

Brooke - What 2 Wear
Brooke - What 2 Wear
Not only does Brooke leave the most fabulous, hilarious comments I've ever read, but she wears outfits that I simply die over. She dresses as if she's on a catwalk every day and makes it all look so effortless and fun. And she's a mum.

Bella - Citizen Rosebud
Bella is the creator of the brilliant +40 Blog Roll (if you're over 40 and not on it, get yourself registered now!). She really knows how to put outfits together without a care in the world for age or convention. I love her fearless attitude and she flatters me far too much. Far too much.

Emma - Awkward Magazine
I don't think bloggy friends come much better than Emma, for reasons she and I know. Although her blog isn't strictly just fashion, her writing is so thoughtful, insightful and poignant, I urge you to get over there now and have a read (I'm not kidding when I say it might just change your life). Oh - and she has the most bewitching green eyes I think I have ever seen.

Sheree - It's Not That Deep
Sheree - It's Not That Deep
Sheree and I have been bloggy friends for, like, ever. We've helped each other out a lot in the past and the next time I'm in the States, we're going out for cocktails without question. Plus, that body! That wardrobe! The stunning photography! It's all too much.

In a community where you read "cute outfit!" all too often, Greetje is a breath of fresh air. She will always leave an honest, well observed comment and does this on nearly every post on my blog (putting me to shame). Plus check out her funky wardrobe - this woman knows how to accessorize.

Marlene - Chocolate Cookies & candies
Marlene - Chocolate Cookies & Candies
The only bloggy friend I met in person first (at an event), Marlene has left me some of the sweetest comments and Tweets. Not forgetting her blog has won a photography award and she can rock a Chanel tweed jacket like no-one else I know.

Daniella - Lella Victoria
Daniella - Lella Victoria
Daniella has commented on nearly every post of mine, ever (also putting me to shame. Must. Do. Better). Plus she's got the most fabulous designer wardrobe and is practically my neighbour, living only 20 minutes down the road from me. She is, in fact, my definition of grown-up young cool, which I know is a bit of a contradiction, but just go to her blog. You'll see what I mean.

Adrienne - The Rich Life on a Budget
I'm not kidding when I say I think Adrienne must be one of the nicest people I'm ever likely to meet, even though I've not met her. Her writing and observations are spot on and she always says the kindest things - you should also check out her "How I Wear My" series. Oh, and she's all long legs, gorgeous hair and preppy-chic perfection. Gah.

Courtney - Cupcakes & cashmere
Courtney - Cupcake Obsessions
Courtney is probably my newest bloggy friend but she and I hit it off straight away (can you do that online?) She's unbelievably enthusiastic about her blog, my blog, and fashion - creating the most colourful combinations that make mine seem totally dull by comparison!

Patti - Not Dead Yet Style
As the host of one of the best link parties on the fashion blog circuit - Visible Monday - Patti is one of my most loyal supporters and has regularly left me the nicest comments since the early days of the blog. Her personal style is subtly eclectic, chic and quite often pretty darn funky, and how she does it in all that Florida heat I'll never know.


I'm a Little Lammie Button

I hope you'll check out these lovely ladies and that they'll all be proud to call themselves a Little Lammie! Their support - and YOUR support - is greatly appreciated. If you Tweet about this post, please include the #littlelammies hashtag, and not only that, I've done you a button if you want to continue the fun!

I'm a Little Lammie Button
Copy and paste the following HTML:
<a href="" target="_blank"><img alt="I'm a Little Lammie Button" height="300" src="" width="300" /></a>

(You'll be able to resize the widget to any size you choose - you'll see the size is pretty big at 300x300. Simply change the HTML's width and height to the pixel size of your choice.)

The Little Lammies List

There's more! If you visit the page that the button will link to and get yourself on my new Little Lammies List by leaving me a comment (on that page) with your first name, blog name and URL, I'll add you to the list - the 12 Little Lammies above are already on there of course, I'd love to be able to give a little link love back as a thank you for your support!

Go to this page and leave your blog details:

So that's it - another year over. I think the next one will be even more exciting - DO. NOT. MISS. Thursday's post. A new project is underway (continuing on from my Best Features post), and I want everyone reading my blog to be part of it.

I couldn't be more excited! Plus it's my birthday! Aaaargh!!!!!

*her head explodes*
Catherine x
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