Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Outfit Post Preview, What's Coming Up & What's Going Down

Vintage scarf, trench coat
Quick post this evening firstly to give you a little teaser of tomorrow's outfit post... it's definitely trench coat season here in the UK. 

On the theme of rain, I've also got a Photo Tips Friday coming up this week (guesses for what it might be about?!), and I want to make sure you know everything that's going on at the moment - so much to tell you all about!

$1000 October Style Giveaway
Currently running for a few days yet! A massive $1000 giveaway giving four winners the chance to win a lump of cash just as the Christmas season is about to start - click here to enter now!

Not Dressed As Lamb Paper Doll - Kaleidoscope Competition
This is an easy competition where you get to style and complete my autumn shopping days outfit - choose the winning item and you get to win the outfit, worth £200! This one's open to UK readers only; click here to see the rules in full and enter :)

Naturalizer Style Challenge
Another desperate plea for votes - this time I've styled a pair of Naturalizer riding boots and represented us 40-somethings in a style-off! Everyone from every country can vote, but if you're in the US you also get a chance to win boots and shoes for yourself. If I win the most votes, I'll win boots or shoes to give away on the blog (and I've won two out of two of these challenges - let's make it three out of three)! Click here to vote (Facebook account required)

Do You Prefer "Click To Read More" Posts?
And this was an interesting poll... I asked if you all favoured posts with a jump break ("Continue reading after the jump") - it seems a massive 78% of you do NOT like them at all, even if having full posts on the home page slows down load time. If you click on a link for a post straight from Bloglovin, for example, it'll make no difference to you, but looking at posts on a home page with jumps? No, no, no, it seems! I hope you will allow me one small concession: I will only use them when I have a very long post, e.g. a Photo Tips post. So there may well be a post this Friday with a jump :)

And congratulations to the winner of my Tasha Delrae giveaway: Well done Yuen Lim! A custom made skirt will be on it's way to her soon (once she's decided exactly what she wants made).

Phew - that's it! I'm currently in the middle of installing a new PC so will be offline for a bit... thanks for all your support as always my little lammies!
Catherine x
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  1. Good luck with the PC work, Catherine, and stay gorgeous. xo

  2. Good to know about t the "read more" posts..I've been thinking about switching things up by looks like I won't! I tried to vote but says something went wrong and it will be up again later..will try again. Cant wait for Friday..love your photo tips ;)
    Sheree xxxx

  3. I hate PC problems. Learning every day, but hate learning. I am dragging myself into the digital world by my hair.
    PS, you got me in doubt about the "jump" now, as I do that as well on my blog.

  4. I can only wish I'm able to wear a trench coat here now. Weather here is just too hot. Maybe soon =)


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