Sunday, 15 September 2013

Be Your Own Style Icon Free eBook & Not Dressed As Lamb's First Illustration

Yes & Yes - Be Your Own Style Icon e-Book
A quick post this Sunday evening just to tell you about two places I've been featured on the interweb: an e-Book and a fashion illustration!

The e-Book is by the wonderful Sarah of Yes & Yes; called Be Your Own Style Icon, it's a beautifully put together, free e-Book that you can download by clicking here. It's been a while in the making and I'm so glad that I'm not only featured inside (page 16) but I'm also on the cover. There's lots of great advice from fashion bloggers from all over the globe, and I've definitely learnt a brilliant trick or two :)

DC In Style illustration - Not Dressed As Lamb
Secondly, some of you may have seen on Instagram that I've had an illustration done of me... does this mean I've arrived?! The extremely talented Elena of DC In Style was kind enough to illustrate my visit to London post from May with my grey cape and umbrella - I absolutely love it and was so flattered. You can check out more of her illustrations on her blog or Instagram feed.

Apologies: the giveaway I mentioned will be on Wednesday now instead of tomorrow. A London Fashion Week competition has offered up two free tickets to me so I will be there on Tuesday [she does a little excited dance]; I had to do a bit of shuffling with my posts as a result of having to pop up to London with very little notice! 

But come back tomorrow for a fabulous post about packing and dressing for an away break... and one of the brightest, most colourful outfits I think I've EVER worn. (Not kidding.) See you then, my little lammies!
Catherine x
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  1. Thanks for the tip, Catherine! I look forward to reading the book. Love the drawing by Elena xoxo

  2. Wow, I was thinking of drawing you actually, but I've been beaten to it! (beautiful work Elena!) I have a fledgling style blog as a hobby but I'm an illustrator and writer mostly. I just want to say I love your blog, you have such an amazing face and style, you really are beautiful. I read your blog post where you photoshopped your face as an experiment, and I have to say, the way you've started to naturally age is part of what makes you beautiful. Personally speaking, I look very youthful for my years as I get ready to turn 30 in a few months, and I appreciate the new crows feet and laughter lines I'm developing; I think there's a lovely irony that they become more pronounced when we smile, like it's evidence that a person has seen things and lived. You are such a gorgeous lady and your happiness and confidence comes through on every photo. I'm really crushing on your style currently as I look to maturing my own eccentric youthful style. I apologise for the waffle-y response! Klara :)


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