Monday, 26 August 2013

Musings Monday | Why Bloggers' Smiles are so Infectious

Smiling is Infectious
Smiling is infectious. There's no doubt about it. I'm hoping that one glance at the lead photo of this post has brought a smile to your face - if it has then I'm pleased because it's proved my point, that other people's smiles are just... great. There's a lot of teeth action in that composite image above and I love it.

There are so many things about blogging that I enjoy, one of the main things being catching up with my favourite bloggers' new posts and seeing what they've been up to, and, of course, what they're wearing. And there's something about the smiley bloggers that I look forward to even more; they make me smile, putting me in a good mood and rarely letting me down on the teeth-baring front.

I know what is about the extra smiley ones that I love: it's a stupidly obvious thing to say, but it's really to do with their faces (I'll explain). It's nothing to do with attractiveness on a merely physical level, it's the engagement with the reader that smiling creates that draws me in. If someone looks like they're having a fabulous time, you simply can't help but pick up on that vibe. A broad grin from a blogger engages me as a reader so much more; it's like an open invitation to be part of their little corner of the internet.

So I may not personally practice what I preach all the time - I do smile with full-on cheese in some outfit posts, but not all. However, to the lovely Gracey, Kelsey, Aminta, Jessie and many others out there, I just want to say thank you for being so reliable with your smiles and brightening my day. I have a lot to try to live up to...!

Now repeat after me - cheese! :D 

Catherine x


  1. I couldn´t agree more. A smile is often the best accessorie.
    have a grand Monday, Catherine.

  2. Lovely post on these women :) You're so right about smiling!

  3. Oh this is so lovely Catherine! Thank you for been so special <3

  4. I LOVE this post, and not just because I'm included. I love it because it's true, smiling *is* infectious and now you've given me another reason to smile! Thank you, Catherine!

  5. Ahhhh - SO fun!!! This is so funny because I'm actually working on a very specific "smile-related" project right now, so this is perfectly timed and so encouraging to me! Thank you so much for including my goofy mug, and know that you brought a HUGE smile to my face this morning! XOXO

  6. wonderful post, Catherine. I agree that smiles are contagious, and O got "infected" here : >

  7. this is so true! Smiling is very infectious...and I can't help but smile too seeing these photos!

  8. Everyone should definitely smile more! It feels as great as it looks :)

  9. I'm totally with you, Catherine!! It helps to have a photography that makes you happy and comfortable, too! I need to smile more often as well : )


  10. I am usually laughing in my photos b/c my husband takes my pictures. I do try to give the smoldering eye look from time to time though. Cute post!


  11. Haha- this is so true! Thanks for sharing! I love the first pic, it looks like she is having the time of her life! Stopping by from the Friday link up!

  12. It is my mission in life... to let as many people smile and laugh as I can. Besides... if I don't smile it is even harder taking a good photo of myself.

  13. I like to see your smiles too. So genuine =)


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