Saturday, 4 May 2013

Brand Love | Happy Birthday Zalando!

Happy Birthday Zalando
I'm showing a little brand love here to an online retailer you must check out if you haven't already: one of my newest favourite brands, Zalando, has just turned 2 years old (awww) - here's a Happy Birthday card to them from me, featuring lots of my outfits that all include Zalando purchases! I think we can safely say I'm a fan ;)

I will admit I have an ulterior motive: Zalando are running a competition where you can win £50 / £100 / £300 worth of vouchers if you celebrate their birthday this way via a post - HOWEVER! should I win, I'll be choosing something fabulous to give away on the blog, maybe something from the selection below...? Here's hoping my birthday wishes do the trick!


I'd most likely choose a designer bag for the giveaway (depending on whether I win and how much)... maybe a Rebecca Minkoff? A Michael Kors? What do you think - let me know in the comments!

The mere thought of all these gorgeous bags has got me drooling... mmmmm, bags... beautiful bags...(!!!) Come back tomorrow for an outfit post - featuring some Zalando jeans, no less :)
Catherine x



  1. Its amazing how the shoes in ALL those pics are flawless. Geez :)

  2. So cool about this brand...I'll have to check it out asap! For the giveaway...I am loving the Rebecca Minkoff bag. Sleek, chic, street worthy and cool. XOXO!!


  3. Love all those bags!
    Newest follower here :)



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