Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Please Vote For Me, I'm Wearing A Pink Wig In Desperation

Fancy Dress Outfit - Vote for Me
Now that I have everyone's attention with the neon pink bob (not my real hair!), you can see that I'm doing whatever it takes to get more votes to win the Bath in Fashion Blogger Award 2013! So I'm wearing a pink wig and dressed like an anime schoolgirl* in a desperate attempt to get you to vote for me if you haven't yet done so (and if you have - thank you!! - and have you voted on every device you have? Each PC/phone/laptop etc. will allow you to vote once)!

I'm shortlisted for a UK regional best blogger award, the winner to be crowned on Thursday at the Bath in Fashion catwalk show. In person!

So if you're a fan of my blog please vote for me - this competition has brought out a competitive streak I didn't know I had!

You have until 8pm (BST) on Wednesday 17 April to vote, and remember:
  • Voting is REALLY EASY (just a tick box)
  • You don't have to enter any personal details
  • It's one vote per IP address so please vote once on every PC/laptop/phone etc. you have!
BIF Vote for Me button

I'll keep everyone updated with the results late pm (BST) on Thursday via my Twitter feed @notlamb - I have to attend in person so it'll be pretty nerve-wracking. Thank you SO much to all of you that have voted - and if I've asked anyone via Twitter, etc. to vote when you've already done so I apologise... I've lost track a little of who's voted already!

Sending LOTS of love and thanks...
Catherine x
*this was actually my fancy dress costume I wore on New Year's Eve - click here to see the original post :)



  1. VOTED!!!

    Visit my blog: Mr. Rebel in Town
    i won't ask you to vote me
    just visit mine
    and it would be special if follow me

    i hope so!
    Good luck for the contest
    thank you anyway

  2. Already voted, fingers crossed xx


  3. You look super cute, and I just VOTED! Best luck xoxoxox

  4. You have my vote! Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  5. Voted at work! When I get off, I'll vote at home and on my laptop!

    The Occasional Indulgence

  6. I voted the other day and am happy to do so. Love your blog and your courage to rock the pink bob!
    Good luck-you are already a winner!

  7. I love this! This look is sooo cute.

  8. I really loved your wig. It looks great. Voting on the way...


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