Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Peach Polka Dots & Midnight Blue

Polka dot shirt & navy pinafore dress
Polka dot shirt & navy pinafore dress

Polka dot shirt & navy pinafore dress
Polka dot shirt & navy pinafore dress
This was probably one of my most eclectic colour combinations to date: peach, midnight blue, burgundy and tan. But I do like them together! I have worn this (old) Karen Millen dress a few times on the blog now: here, here, here and here, so although it was quite expensive at the time, the cost-per-wear would work out to be pretty cheap as I wear it regularly. I tend to think that I'm just wearing a plain blue dress - I forget how pretty all the stitching and embroidery on it is (it shows up beautifully in photos).

The boots are exceptionally old - in fact I hadn't actually worn them for years and years. The heels needed redoing which I finally got round to doing (they had completely fallen off so a little metal spike was sticking out the bottom of both), and I'm going to do a mini DIY on them just to spruce them up a bit. They'd been languishing at the back of the wardrobe in the spare room, so I'd totally forgotten I had them. They have a bit of a Sixties shape to them and they fit like a dream, so I think they're worth a makeover...!

This Friday I'll be posting Part 3 of my Give Your Blog A DIY Design Makeover series, so look out for that. And I'll be hosting a giveaway next week for some great shopping vouchers - it's all happening here at NDAL HQ! ;)
Catherine x
Shirt: ASOS, Dress: Karen Millen (old), Tights: ASOS*, Boots: Unknown (very old), Watch: Debenhams

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  1. Love the dress and it looks great over the blouse!

    1. Superb color combination of this dress....i would really love to buy this dress... its perfect Quality fabric and fit perfect for our needs.

  2. This is a very cute outfit! I wasn't quite sure about it when I first saw it, but it grows on me!
    Love the dress-you're right, the details are gorgeous!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  3. The polka dot blouse is quite cute!


  4. I love that blouse! Especially under the dress, that's really cute :)

  5. That dress is adorable...and I love it with that blouse!

    Natasha ~

  6. Being a fan of folklore style myself, I think this combination is beautiful. The burgundy tights tie the whole look together especially with you hair color. You just can't do better than bright blue in a photo, you look great!

  7. Love polka dots - such a pretty look. And I'm really happy you rescued the boots - they look great. xoxoxo

  8. The Dress is beautiful and works so well with the shirt and boots!

    Chk out my new blog post:


  9. Love the layers and the color of your shirt with those tights. Beautiful!
    Fifth Freedom Fashion

  10. I totally love this outfit. SO cute! This may be my favorite outfit of all time. :)

  11. Great colour combination, looks stunning with your hair.

  12. I really LOVE all of the colors in this look, Catherine.

    I hope you'll keep an eye out on my blog later today. I'll be featuring this as one of the looks I love today.


  13. This is so you, Catherine! Great colours and perfect with your hair as well.
    And OMG... your legs are fabulous!!

    Lady of Style

  14. Hi Catherine!

    I just re-discovered your blog while switching over to Bloglovin!
    I have been paroozing the 'how to ' pages and am taking so many notes to improve my blog. It is covered in cobwebs and I am the worst with image widths! I even make them all the same size, then don't post them that way! Duh!
    Thanks for the tips, and BTW, I love this outfit.

  15. Your eye for detail is amazing. I look forward to your bog post daily. Thanks for always inspiring me.

  16. The way you've pulled all those colors together is amazing. And that dress is gorgeous. No wonder you wear it often.

  17. I think the detailing of the dress is fantastic with the pattern of the polka dots. This is a great way to pair these two brightly colored items! You look fantastic!

    Stopping by from the link up! Happy Monday!

    Understated Classics

  18. Your blue dress is so amazing! You inspired me this morning wearing my summerly jeans dress although it was snowing outside! All because I want to look a very little bit as cute as you.

  19. Completely gorgeous, again, and as always. Not only great colors, but interesting textures. Always inspiring.


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