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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Date Night Fur & A Statement Necklace

Faux fur and leather coat
Faux fur and leather coat
Arm candy and blue manicure
Faux fur and leather coat
Statement jewellery and fur
I wore this outfit to celebrate our wedding anniversary when we went out for sushi last week.... I have mixed feelings about this outfit however (hear me out)! I do love it for its sartorial merits, but on the other hand it reminds me of how much I ate and how full I was afterwards - to the point of feeling ill. It was my own fault, I know, but when all those tasty little dishes are going round on the conveyor belt and you keep seeing more and more that you want to try, then my eyes get seriously bigger than my belly.

Actually that's not true - the resulting food baby was mahoosive. The size of Wales in fact. Serves me right for being such a gannet ;)

But clothes-wise, I'm still in love with my new-this-winter fur/leather/tweed coat, and I do love the statement necklace under the floral shirt collar - together they make a basic, thrifted men's sweater look extra special. And I'm glad I wore stretchy pants.

Happy Tuesday everyone, hope you're all well!
Catherine x
Coat: River Island, Sweater: Thrifted, Trousers: Zalando*, Necklace: ASOS*, Shirt: Thrifted, Heels: Nine West*, Hair bun: ASOS*, Clutch: Accessorize, Watch: ASOS*, Gold spike bracelet: ASOS*, Mixed metal spike bracelet: ASOS*, Other bracelets: H&M / Debenhams / ASOS, Deep gold ring (in a set with little gold ring): ASOS*, Smiley face ring: ASOS*, Fine band rings: ASOS*, Nails: Barry M Cobalt*

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  1. Love that shade of green to bits. Green like the English summer countryside, ahhhhhhhhhhh

    1. It is a very English green, isn't it?! Thank you, lovely Sacramento x

  2. You have a great eye for color :-)


  3. I love the necklace/collar combo! Very eye-catching.

    And I've been there with sushi - when we go out to one of the places with a conveyor belt, I always overeat :)

  4. yay for date nights and overeating (happy anniversary by the way :)!! I love the coat as well and that statement necklace......I can't wait to see more of it!!
    brooke @ what2wear

  5. What a glorious necklace, Catherine, love! I have never seen sushi on a conveyor -- that *would* be too tempting for me to resist : >

  6. Very cute for date night! That double collar looks very fun and refreshing, too!

    Knocked Up Fabulous

  7. Ah, the generosity of the stretchy pant. No matter, you look lovely in these photos. I am particularly intrigued by your beautiful necklace.

    We've got sushi bars/restaurants on almost every corner in Vancouver, and I find the more often I eat sushi, the less inclined I am to overeat. That may not make sense, but it seems to be my reality.

    Sue xo

    A Colourful Canvas

  8. Perfect bun! So amazing. Love this look.

  9. Your sweater is such a lovely shade of green. Love the collar necklace and the arm candy!


  10. I am loving all of the textures, colors and prints of this jacket
    So much great stuff rolled into one fab jacket

  11. Those are some amazing shoes, and the red and yellow look great with the green sweater.

  12. Sushi is always the one food that I get so stuffed on! But it's so good though, isn't it? :) I love that fur coat and your bag is so cute! I love the little detail. <3


  13. I love EVERYTHING about this outfit, though I doubt I could walk in those shoes. Gorgeous!

  14. I love the way you styled the necklace! Beautiful!

  15. Love the necklace-collar layers! Wonderful idea!
    Your shoes are gorgeous too!
    Happy anniversary! :)

  16. Perfect bun and your sweater is such a lovely green shade.

  17. Your collar is so pretty and I love how you layered it with the necklace! Brilliant. That coat is gorgeous!
    Visiting from WIWW.

  18. I love the multiple colors that incorporate this look! You look amazing!


  19. You look great!
    your hair is spectacular!
    Love it.

  20. i like your style!

  21. you look so pretty! love the collar detail and the fur! amazingness :)

    C's Evolution of Style

  22. Love that green sweater and the jacket is Amazeballs! Loving the fur trend lately!

  23. You look so vibrant and beautiful! Darling, from head to toe! And, that fur coat really completed your outfit. You seem really prepared for a date night, huh! That’s great. Keep on being fabulous, Catherine! ;)

  24. your nails and your neckline=perfection. love to have found your site, via yes+yes


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