Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Seeing Stars (& Polka Dots)

Stars & Polka Dots
Stars & Polka Dots
Stars & Polka Dots
Stars & Polka Dots
I think I'm "warming" to the cold weather. It's so nice picking out scarves and snoods and matching gloves and little beanie hats: woolly hats hide a multitude of bad hair days!

And I so love this stars snood from ASOS! It's a great addition to the Perfect Leather Jacket I wrote about a couple of weeks ago, which has been been doing the rounds a bit with all the skirts in my wardrobe. Dirty stopout ;)

Happy Wednesday everyone! Not long till the weekend (very soon for my US readers, you lucky people)!

Catherine x

Beanie: Unknown, Scarf: ASOS*, Jacket*: Red Herring at Debenhams*, Skirt: ASOS*, Boots: Dune*, Sweatshirt: ASOS*, Gloves: Unknown

Shop my look: All items marked* are the actual items, if still available:

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  1. Oh...I have that same skirt from Asos though I diddn't even think to wear it in the winter...so thanks for the idea. ;)
    I also styled it with stars this summer, but a starry top rather than a scarf. :)

  2. The star snood is so yummy! And you look grand in this mix of patterns.

  3. Loving your scarf (as my name is Star)! :) Also, great skirt. This is a cozy awesome look!!


  4. this is such a fabulous look, that scarf is amazing!

    C's Evolution of Style

  5. Love that scarf and that skirt. Everything looks so pretty.

  6. That polka dot skirt is gorgeous! I love how you styled with classic and edgier pieces. The star print scarf adds a subtle and unexpected play on prints which works brilliantly! Amazing as always Catherine! :)

    Take care,

    Daniella xox

    p.s Have you had flooding where you are? It's been horrific here in Taunton, though luckily it's okay where my home is! I didn't here or see of any warnings either.

  7. I've been trying so hard to come up with a navy and black outfit, but couldn't get it right - and here's how it should be done! The skirt is lovely, the dots are great with the stars, and the length is just perfect with the super incredible boots! I don't know the brand Dune, but I'm going to do some research!

  8. Fantastic jacket with the gloves! So excellent with the cosy snood, maxi skirt, and your lovely thick braid. xo

  9. You look so nice Catherine. I wish I could get even a little enthused about the weather; current conditions and what's sure to come. We get so much rain in Vancouver that dressing fashionably is a challenge. I will try and conquer my apathy and rise to the occasion.


  10. Replies
    1. I love this skirt and combined with the leather jacket is perfect. The scarf is beautiful and the whole outfit with beret, is great.

  11. Nice look. Found your blog at IFB and following now.
    Hope you can check ours ;)


  12. Love the skirt and boots.
    I feel so hot looking at the number of layers you have on. It's really sunny at home (I live in Kenya) and I just can't imagine wearing anything woolen at the moment!!

  13. You certainly have found The Perfect Leather Jacket - it's beautiful, a perfect fit and cut - it looks made for you:)). I'm getting all goose bumpy for your spots and stars!! I love the cold, more clothes to wear - yay!! xo

  14. Ugh your shoes.....so gorgeous. In love.
    Also you're just beautiful. Jealous.

  15. love the stars and dots instead of the usual stripes

  16. You look fabulous! This outfit it adorable! :)

    Natasha Carly x

  17. Those boots.... terrific. As is the whole look. I could not believe my eyes when I saw the price. When you show them, they look so expensive.

  18. What great choices and how easy they look! As always, a pleasure and a learning experience.

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