Friday, 10 August 2012

Olympics Sneak Preview via Instagram

2012-08-04 Instagram 002

1. Packing nightmare (sun? rain?)
2. Driving up the A303 the night before with the most amazing moon
3. Mexican food for lunch in Leicester Square
4. The Millennium Dome (okay then, the O2 Arena)
5. Cable car across the Thames (at least I only cried inside)
6. My boys: Mr. Summers (right) and his brother Pete
7. Watching Team GB get yet another gold in the cycling (at the pub)
8. Outside the Excel Arena before seeing the weightlifting

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See the full outfit post tomorrow!

P.S. No Photo Tips Friday today... it's been nudged out by the Olympics. Saving it for a good one next week :)

1 comment

  1. Wonderful collection! Love the cable car pic. And watching the home team in a proper pub is simply the most fun ever.


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