Tuesday, 28 February 2012

My school jumper and my wedding trousers

Sweater: Thrifted eBay, Striped top (just seen): Primark, Trousers: Coast, Fur collar: ASOS, Hat: F+F similar, Brogues: New Look, Brooch: Accessorize

Small watch: Thrifted eBay, Large watch: J Jeans by Jasper Conran, Gold ring: ASOS, Black bracelet: Debenhams, Gold bracelet: ASOS, Nails: Barry M Matt White (base coat) / OPI Isn't That Precious? (two top coats)

Hat: F+F similar, Fur collar: ASOS, Brooch: Accessorize

I've slightly cheated in my post description title... this isn't really my actual school sweater [I much prefer the word sweater now, but at school it was a jumper]; it's an old 70s Marks and Spencer one I bought from eBay a couple of weeks ago. For all intents and purposes it's the same, but ours didn't have any pattern on them. To be honest I'm amazed I've bought something even vaguely resembling my old school uniform (I always swore I'd never wear bottle green in my life again) - another little thrifted gem added to my retro collection.

And the wide-legged trousers are the actual ones I wore on my wedding day six years ago (so Bianca Jagger of me!). They've been such a great winter staple (see them worn on the blog here, and here), who'd have thought I'd still be wearing years later what I wore to get married?! As they were in the sale at the time, the pay-per-wear on these babies must be a lot lower than the average ppw on most wedding dresses I reckon...!

On Thursday (first day of spring, yay) I'll be posting my round up of my favourite winter outfits - so glad warmer days are finally on their way :))

P.S. A huge thanks to all who commented on my last post - I was really overwhelmed by all the support from everyone. I wasn't fishing for compliments at all (hard to make that sound honest, but I do mean it), it was merely an excuse to get my feelings off my chest about thoughtlessness and showcase some great fellow bloggers to counteract the negativity. It goes to prove once again what a great little community we have going on :)))))

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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Musing: Ridiculous, Moi? (An Open Letter to the Haters)

Musing: Ridiculous, Moi?
Not Dressed As Lamb: ridiculous? Yeah, maybe!

On Thursday I checked my blog stats and saw there'd been an enormous surge of hits in the space of one hour.

And, as you I'm sure you all do, I checked to see where the traffic had come from, and it was mostly all from one source. And boy, what I read really made me laugh, albeit in a rather self-masochistic way.

To summarise, a mum calling herself "1234ThumbWar" asked for style advice on a mums' web forum:

... in reply to which "MinnieBar" gave a recommendation with a link to my blog. Which was really nice of her, of course, and great for my stats. Now obviously this wasn't the bit that made me laugh. No, it was the resulting reactions to my outfits that were so entertaining. And believe me, they were not positive - far from it, in fact:

(If you want to read the actual forum yourself, here's the link:

I have been very lucky so far to escape any directly negative comments on my blog; I'm sure the day will come. But when I've been mentioned in forums outside of fashion blogging the response has not been so positive - and this was clearly no exception.

Once the comments had sunk in, and although I knew I wasn't bothered, it dawned on me that I was in fact annoyed. What got me - and I'm being truly honest here - was not the fact that they said I look ridiculous/had just pissed myself/really am dressed as lamb (I don't care, I've heard it all before from my mostly-joking elder brother).

No, it was the fact that someone took the time to respond and gave a link to my blog, thinking that 1234ThumbWar might get some inspiration... and she has effectively been told that her suggestion was ridiculous. I'd rather someone say I looked ridiculous than boring so it was a "whatever" from me, but poor MinnieBar, I wonder how the comments made her feel?

It is, in fact, just like being at school: The teacher asks the class for answers to a question to which there's no right or wrong answer. You have a think and reckon you've got a valid, intelligent answer. You raise your hand and give your answer. Before the teacher's had a chance to respond, several of your classmates - who are supposed to be your friends - turn round and laugh and point at you for coming up with such a stupid response. The teacher may well have liked your answer, but you already feel about this big... and you decide not to suggest anything again. Yep - it's playground mentality.

I didn't see any request from 1234ThumbWar for any critiques of suggested fashion blogs. She didn't give a list of blogs and ask for opinions; she merely asked for suggestions. If others didn't like the style of the bloggers listed, why was it necessary to give their own negative opinions on them when they weren't asked to do that? Surely she should have been allowed to make up her own mind as to whose style she liked, and whose she didn't.

Spots and stripes and Bowie... probably a bit ridiculous, but who cares? I liked it.

So if 1234ThumbWar thinks I looks stupid, fine - not everyone will love what I'm wearing, I get that (I wouldn't have started blogging if I were over-sensitive to people's opinions). But what if she's looked at one or two of my outfits and thought, I would never have put red and pink together, or mixed stripes and polkadots; perhaps I'll give that a try? I can't see her trying some of those styles now that she's read comments saying I'm ridiculous - which is a total shame.

What also gets me down is that the website is a forum for mums. Women raising children and instilling beliefs and values in them every day. So with their comments in mind, what kind of values do they teach their children? Are they as quick to criticise their children, their partners, other people, other women in real life - gosh, I do hope not. But I can't see how they would be the sort of mothers to instill a sense of tolerance and acceptance of other people, to accept what others do and like and believe in... and wear. My mother always taught me that if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.

So although I won't be joining their discussion directly myself (I'm neither a parent nor an antagonist), in my quest to be constructive I thought I'd give a few examples of some of my favourite non 20-something bloggers who I think deserve a special mention for not dressing in the socially accepted "age-appropriate" [she rolls eyes] way. If those mums thought I looked ridiculous, I'm sure they wouldn't see these women for what they really are: creative, fearless and downright fabulous (I wish I were more like them - I feel quite dull by comparison)! So these lovely ladies are just for you, dear fashion bloggers.

Rita featured @ Advanced Style

Kasmira @ What I Wore 2Day

L-R: Desiree @ Pull Your Socks Up, Sacramento @ Mis Papelicos

And a special mention goes to Audrey Leighton (Be Frassy) - I love this girl's style because she wears fabulous, totally crazy outfits and pulls it off every time. And although she's only a 20-something, you just know she'll still be dressing this way in 40 years' time:

Audrey @ Be Frassy

Have you noticed what all these fabulous ladies have in common? I don't mean pattern mixing, or rule breaking, or bright colour palettes... it's that they all look so happy. Yep, if wearing crazy-ass outfits make you that happy, then who is anyone to criticize.

Just as a final note, I'd like to thank the very sweet "AgeingFop" who came to my defence on that forum (I also love her attitude to style):

The fact that she'd put them in their place about "going for it" made me laugh so much I nearly pissed myself.

Damn... I should have had the camera ready.


Saturday, 25 February 2012

Half suited, not booted, yellow tartaned

Tartan cape: ASOS (on sale), Blazer: Next (part of suit) similar, Chinos: La Redoute, Sweater: F+F, Socks: Topshop, Wedges: ASOS

Belt: ASOS, Watch: Gift (old), Silver bracelet: My christening bracelet, Black rings: Lulworth Cove giftshop, Rose ring: New Look, Top finger rings: ASOS, Blue bracelets: Debenhams / New Look

Necklace: Topshop (old but I still really love it: owls and bows and lightning?!)

I'm sure the word "tartaned" of the post's title isn't really a word, and I've probably spelt it wrong. Not to worry - I guess you can't really spell a word wrong if you're the one making it up ;)

So this was quite a straightforward work outfit - this is about as corporate as I go for the office. I simply threw on some fun socks and kept the cape handy for when the office gets cold (hurry up springtime...!). Though I'm not so happy about the socks/shoes/trouser hemline thing going on now I've seen the photo. Another one I've learned from the photo, not the mirror: with these chinos don't wear socks and heels. Would have looked better I think with socks and brogues, or heels and no socks. And the cape was a bit creased for the photo, but it came home with me in my bag, oops.

All of this sounds a bit negative for me, doesn't it - I'm so sorry! Perhaps an online thread I read about my blog (the negativity of which highly amused me) has inadvertently rubbed off a little... No need for any of you lovely people to comment about that here - I should have one of my Musings written for my next post all about it - you can read it then and chuckle along with me :D

Happy weekend everyone!


Thursday, 23 February 2012

Slightly beatnik, quite androgynous

Sweater: F+F similar, Shirt: New Look, Trousers: Topshop similar, Bowler hat: ASOS similar, Scarf: F+F, Glasses: eBay

Top finger rings: ASOS, Other rings: ASOS / Boots / Next, Bracelets: My christening bracelet / ASOS, Watch: gift, Nails: Barry M Matt White (base coat) / OPI Isn't That Precious? (two top coats)

Brogues: Office similar, Socks: Accessorize similar

I've realised I pretty much have two kind of looks: either quite girly in skirts and heels (see here and here), or the other extreme: boyish in mens hats and flat shoes (see here and here).

The only thing I prefer on myself when wearing these sorts of androgynous looks - which, by the way, I love - is still having girly hair. If I had short hair (or styled my hair more severely) I'd personally feel too masculine. Though I'm always envious of the type of face that suits those pixie crops (think Michelle Williams or Halle Berry): I would so have a crop like that if it suited me, and still go all out with the androgynous look.

This is one of my favourite casual outfits that I've worn recently; comfortable and warm - not forgetting a bit of colour and a dash of quirk ;)

And don't forget: March is a week today - in theory that means Springtime!
=oh the relief=

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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Vintage furry hat with a Dr. Zhivago vibe

Hat: Vintage eBay, Sweater: ASOS, Scarf: ASOS, Jeans: Wrangler, Boots: Bertie at ASOS, Angel wing earrings: eBay (search" tibetan silver angel wing earrings", you'll find them)

Round two of my groovy vintage pieces obsession continues. Want to see the first round? I've got you covered right here.

So I triumphed on eBay again with this fantastic faux fur hat. (It makes me feel a bit Julie Christie in Dr. Zhivago - I will admit her hats were more Cossack-style than proper Sixties-style like my hat, but if I see anything in fur from that decade I think of that film.) So a simple winter weekend outfit was jazzed up with the grooviest hat ever - I would have died if I'd been outbid. My eBay record remains intact...!

Happy Tuesday everyone :)

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Sunday, 19 February 2012

The ultimate Seventies shirt

Shirt: Vintage eBay, Jeans: Very, Shoes: Melissa at ASOS, Clutch: Faith, Pendant watch: ASOS similar, Bracelets: Topshop/ASOS/F+F, Nails: Barry M Gold np289

It's a long time since I wanted an item on eBay this much... there was no way anyone was going to bid more than me on a sheer Seventies shirt with massive collars and a little woodland scene of trees, a cottage and ducks. It was love at first sight, partly because it brought back memories of a similarly patterned t-shirt my mum wore in the Seventies, and I thought that was the coolest item of clothing ever.

I styled it very simply - when an item is this loud it does the statement-making all by itself. But I still managed a bit of pattern-mixing (I just can't help myself) with the tie-dyed suede clutch which, strangely, I do find hard to pair up with outfits... must try harder.

(I should just say that I know I've made the classic celebrity faux-pas of wearing underwear that was too light for a photo: the camisole was flesh-coloured and completely invisible in daylight and indoors, but under a sheer shirt photographed with a flash it just looks white. My bad ;)

Hope you like my latest eBay find - I've had a bit of a eBay/thrifting splurge over the last week or so and have lots of items to work into outfits. Can't wait!

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