Saturday, 31 December 2011

Boxing Day bloat

So here it is - my last post of 2011. I can't believe I started this blog just over five months ago... where does time go??? (Nearly at my half birthday, you know what that means...!) So to finish off 2011 this is my Boxing Day outfit: we always stay quite dressed up for the second day of yule in my family, but usually move onto trousers and comfy sweaters to hide our food babies. And I can tell you, my food baby was ma-hoosive - I was seriously sucking in my tummy on the second picture ;)

And the sweater... the sweater, the sweater!! This is another coveted item that I've managed to get my hands on recently. I'd seen it on Atlantic Pacific and My Style Pill (amongst others) this year - maybe I don't quite rock it like those lovely ladies but managing to get any photos done on Boxing Day is quite a feat when all you want to do is drink tea, stop eating chocolate and curl up and sleep zzzzz.....

Mr. Summers and I are currently having a long weekend in London for New Year - hopefully there'll be some good photos to post next week!

Sweater: Zara (in the sale in store only at the time of writing)
Pearl collar: Asos similar
Trousers: La Redoute similar
Heels: similar
Leather cuff: Asos
Rings: Asos, Boots
Black bangle: Asos
Nails: Barry M Coral, Rimmel Be a Star 626

Happy New Year everyone - wishing you all a fabulous 2012!

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Christmas Day brights

(Check out the hair advert shot :)

Here they are at last... photos of the obligatory Christmas Day dress up!

We always get dressed up in our family for the big day, and my sister and I usually consult with each other beforehand to check we won't be too similar in colour/style (it has happened in the past). I bought the dress a few years ago on eBay - an original 1960s dress that I [er, my mum] shortened; it's my go-to sparkly party outfit. It was crying out to be teamed with bright pink and my Nine West heels I got in the sale just before Christmas (I'd seen them on a few other bloggers' feet and sooo coveted them).

The perfect fit (amazing for eBay, no?) and non-stretchy fabric of the dress did not work out well with Christmas dinner. I knew in advance it would feel snug and not be a good accompaniment to a big meal, so my theory was that it would stop me eating too much and not at all feel like I'd be wearing a Victorian corset by 4pm, oh no.

What was I THINKING????!!!

Dress (worn as top): Vintage 60s eBay
Skirt: Asos (currently in the sale)
Belt: Asos
Heels: Nine West (also currently in the sale)
Tights: Unknown (found in my drawer! Can't remember even owning them)
Necklace: Asos
Earrings: F+F
Bangles: Primark, Asos
Watch: J by Jasper Conran
Gold ring (right hand): Topshop
Gold ring (left hand): Asos
Nails: Barry M Coral and Rimmel Be a Star 626

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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Dotty science geek (chic)

This was an outfit from a couple of weekends ago I never got round to posting - perfect timing to do this while it's still essentially Christmas! Hope you're all having a happy holiday!

I surprised Mr. Summers with an evening out at a show and this is what I wore: probably the geekiest show I've ever been to (and will ever see). Professor Brian Cox was appearing in a touring science show... now if I say this man is a particle physicist and very attractive to boot you may not believe me. But believe me, he is (very attractive, I mean). Not only that, the evening was incredibly entertaining as well as informative, though some of it made my head hurt(!)

Anyway I decided to go reasonably smart but with a twist - I LOVE my monochrome Topshop blouse paired with the yellow polkadots. I also wore my geek glasses without a thought about it being a show about science, and then when I got there I felt as if I'd worn them to look intelligent.

I didn't, honest...!

Blazer: Asos
Blouse: Topshop
Trousers: Unknown
Cape: Vintage
Heels: Asos
Glasses: eBay
Black cocktail ring: New Look
Owl ring: Asos
Gold ring (set of three): Asos
Vintage bracelet: Revintage Jewellery
Black wristband (set of three with gold and silver): Asos
Nails: Revlon Ocean 604

Monday, 26 December 2011

The cape of good vintage

I hope everybody had a FABULOUS Christmas! Here's an outfit worn a few days before Christmas that I've pre-scheduled to post on Boxing Day. (So as I'm writing I haven't actually had the big day yet - I'm coming to you from Christmas past. Or is it future...?) Are you all too full and sick of the sight of turkey and chocolates like I am no doubt ;)

The excitement of wearing something you bought ages and ages ago but weren’t able to wear straight away (wedding dresses, winter coats bought in the summer sale, etc.) is unbelievable. Before Christmas I posted pictures of me finally wearing my vintage maxi skirt, and today it’s the turn of my vintage Irish wool cape. It was destiny, I tell you: the two of us were meant to be together.

I visited Exeter’s best vintage clothing store during a warm spell over three months ago – the first time in absolutely ages – and saw this beautiful cape with attached scarf for only twenty quid. Twenty quid?!! I did wonder what on earth was wrong with it because why would it still be sitting there in the shop at that price… Turned out it had come in that very morning the lady said, so my little Irish beauty decided to turn up a couple of hours before I got there and just wait patiently for me.

Destiny, I tell you, destiny.

Cape: Vintage
Jeans: Asos
Boots: Duo
Hat: Accessorize
Sunglasses: Asos
Gloves: Next
Ring: Unknown (it's stretchy - perfect for fitting over gloves. I said I was bringing back rings over leather gloves)

Christmas Day/Boxing Day outfits to follow soon!

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Saturday, 24 December 2011

Ich liebe fashion bloggers

From top, l-r: Gray Skies, The Wind Of Inspiration, It's Not That Deep, Mary Van NotesThe Suburb Experiment

I have featured some fabulous outfits here because I've been honoured with a Liebster Blog Award by Not Dead Yet Style - thank you so much Patti!

The award is bestowed on blogs with less than 200 followers that deserve more attention - Liebster is German for darling or beloved. The idea is that if you are awarded with one, you award five other blogs - I think this is such a fabulous way to support your favourite bloggers!

So, Not Dressed As Lamb's Liebster Blog Awards go to...

Gray Skies
I would describe Stacey's style as quirky chic - she always incorporates fun elements into her outfits and I love her for it. She posts an outfit nearly every day without fail.

The Wind of Inspiration
Victoria has totally got that whole New York thing going on which us Brits admire so much... she is one stylish girl.

It's Not That Deep
I think Sheree is just about the coolest dressed mum ever. She rocks black better than anyone I can think of.

In my opinion Mary is the total queen of vintage cool - she wears the most beautiful retro outfits.

The Suburb Experiment
I only discovered Jenn very recently but her thrift finds are something else - she has this knack of putting together outfits in ways I would never have dreamed of.

The idea is that if you receive an award you should:
  1. Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter with a comment on their blog
  2. Post the award on your blog
  3. Link back to the blogger who gave it to you
  4. Reveal your 5 favourite blogs (with less than 200 followers), link to their blogs and leave a comment on their blog
  5. Hope that the people you have sent the award to will forward it to their favourite bloggers
I urge you to check them all out, you too will fall head over heels for them. I could have picked many more, but the rules said only five, so...

Hope everyone has a lovely Christmas break!

Catherine x

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Merry Christmas Card (& giveaway winner)

So until after Christmas all that remains to say is...

This was our actual Christmas card this year - I always, always make them but this year the blog inspired me to feature me and Mr. Summers doing something cheesy and retro (he's mortified, though I think he looks less daft than I do). Hope you all have a blast - I'll be back blogging a few days after Christmas so don't forget to come back (but if I get a minute before Christmas Day to schedule a mini post in between I will)!

Catherine (& Mr. Summers) x

Oh and not forgetting.... congratulations to the fabulous Stacey of Gray Skies who won my Go Chic or Go Home $50 voucher giveaway!

*4 sleeps till Christmas* 

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

A perfect marriage

I think this is the perfect marriage: an old man's style cardigan and a lady's blouse from Topshop. I was unsure about the cardigan when it arrived and had to try it on with a few different tops, but decided to keep it after all when the trusty buttoned up shirt saved the day. Will be wearing it again soon with a buttoned up denim shirt (yes, that old favourite). Just realised this is actually an outfit devoid of bright colour (unusual for me), but I still felt like myself because of the combinations of textures - wool, fur and silky blouse fabric.

This was taken at my parents' house at the weekend when the family was over helping mum with the housework - felt a bit guilty going outside to take photos but we did eventually go in and do our bit(!).

(If you're wondering what I'm laughing at in the last photo, click here. My sister and my nieces were making me laugh from inside the house by pulling faces through the window... then my sister ran outside to gatecrash the picture. However, revenge is sweet: the blogging world gets to see her chic cleaning-the-house outfit, complete with my dad's old gardening shoes to run outside in. Serves her right, the cheeky wotsit ;)

(Oh and I'll announce the winner of my giveaway in my next post)

*5 sleeps till Christmas*

Cardigan: Zara
Blouse: Topshop
Trousers: unknown
Boots: Dune
Bag: Star by Julien Macdonald (old)
Sunglasses: Therapy at House of Fraser
Bangles: eBay
Watch: Red Herring
Cocktail ring: New Look
Nails: Revlon Ocean 604

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Windswept in a 70s maxi

Hooray - my vintage 70s maxi skirt finally gets to be worn! It was bought in lovely warm weather in September when I couldn't imagine the cool temperatures needed to wear it... but oh boy I needed it when this picture was taken, it was absolutely freezing and I'm amazed I got any pictures at all due to the biting wind. So no hands on show for this shoot (in that cold this girl was showing off jewellery for no man).

I absolutely adore the chevron stripes (warm colours) contrasted with the polkadots (black and white). You'll be seeing a lot more of the scarf - this is its third winter and I love it. Because it's cotton and ma-hoosive (long and wide) it can be worn in so many different ways. And the skirt is just like a long woollen blanket made into a skirt; in fact that's probably what it actually is...!

*7 sleeps till Christmas*
(ends tomorrow)

Skirt: Thrifted, vintage
Jacket: Debenhams
Scarf: Asos similar
Belt: Asos
Boots: Fly London

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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Raspberries, tobacco and coal

I think this may just be my new favourite colour combination - hot pink, tobacco brown and black - love love LOVE. And as it's nearly Christmas I've had my hair coloured even redder... it's always so bright when it's first done - I wish it would stay this red! I even did my nails and lips to match :)

The weather's getting extra cold now (surprised it hasn't snowed yet) so the fur boots have had their first airing this side of summer. I have a love/hate relationship with this time of year - I'm so not a cold weather person but I love the knitwear and the layers and the scarves and the furry accessories and the and the...

My clothes habit is proper satisfied but my aching bones are not =brrr=


Sweater: Asos
Scarf: Gift
Jeans: River Island
Top (just seen): Primark
Boots: Dune (in the sale earlier this year)
Belt: Asos
Glasses: eBay
Watch: Red Herring
Gold link bracelet: Asos
Pink pom pom bracelet: Urban Outfitters
Brown leather bracelet (pack of two with white): Topshop
Gold rings: Asos
Nails: Barry M Bright Red

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