Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Dotty science geek (chic)

This was an outfit from a couple of weekends ago I never got round to posting - perfect timing to do this while it's still essentially Christmas! Hope you're all having a happy holiday!

I surprised Mr. Summers with an evening out at a show and this is what I wore: probably the geekiest show I've ever been to (and will ever see). Professor Brian Cox was appearing in a touring science show... now if I say this man is a particle physicist and very attractive to boot you may not believe me. But believe me, he is (very attractive, I mean). Not only that, the evening was incredibly entertaining as well as informative, though some of it made my head hurt(!)

Anyway I decided to go reasonably smart but with a twist - I LOVE my monochrome Topshop blouse paired with the yellow polkadots. I also wore my geek glasses without a thought about it being a show about science, and then when I got there I felt as if I'd worn them to look intelligent.

I didn't, honest...!

Blazer: Asos
Blouse: Topshop
Trousers: Unknown
Cape: Vintage
Heels: Asos
Glasses: eBay
Black cocktail ring: New Look
Owl ring: Asos
Gold ring (set of three): Asos
Vintage bracelet: Revintage Jewellery
Black wristband (set of three with gold and silver): Asos
Nails: Revlon Ocean 604


  1. The blazer is gorgeous! And you DO look so very intelligent! :) ~Serene

  2. LOVE the blazer. Great colors and fabulous styling, per usual.

    Have a wonderful New Year, Catherine!

  3. Great outfit Catherine!! Love the color and pattern of your blazer. The show sounds are intelligent about fashion, that I know. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  4. I really love this blazer!! its so much fun and you can do so many things with it...great find!

  5. you have such lovely accessories they're the icing on the cake to this lovely outfit


  6. I have such a crush on Brian Cox! (having only seen him on the BBC) Lucky you!! You look fabulous as always, in your super blazer and pinky shoes : >

  7. Smashing! right down to the "geek" glasses!
    I do so enjoy your blog! I actually did the sweater over the untucked shirt today. Not sure if it's really me. But it worked!

  8. I love your trousers. I've been on the hunt for wide buckle, high waist trousers for a while now and I'm yet to find some that I love! Great outfit:)


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