Sunday, 6 November 2011

The pink and red rule breaker

Totally inspired by SJP wearing hot pink and red last month. It's one of those looks that you see and immediately fall in love with, then you realise you can totally recreate it with existing items in your wardrobe, with your own little twists, of course.

Mine is in reverse to her red top half and pink bottom half, plus I added my usual accessories overload and polkadot socks. I was very happy with this outfit, and I think I look like the cat that's got the cream in the first photo. Or rather, the cat that got the polkadots.

Blouse: Vintage eBay
Jeans: Very
Shoes: La Redoute
Belt: Next
Necklace: Asos
Socks: Asos
Bracelets: Asos, F+F, Next
Watch: Red Herring
Nails: Barry M Silver Foil


  1. Fabulous! You got the inspiration and took it a step further, and you look grand.

  2. I love pink and red together! I haven't been brave enough to wear them together myself, though.

    And I love the added whimsy that comes from your polka-dot socks!

  3. I love pink and red too. And pink and orange. Those socks are crazy!!

    Sadie x

  4. I LOVE this... I was raised with the idea that red and pink "clash" and therefore shouldn't be worn together (and I have red hair, which does complicate matters a little when it comes to those particular colours), but I've been really loving red/pinks combos lately: more proof that the so-called "rules" were made to be broken! I also really like the blue shoes with it, too: they're something I probably wouldn't think of myself, but they work so well!

  5. I love this combo! I'm feeling inspired!

    Lindsey Turner

  6. work it. you look amazing, love. i adore all the color. thanks for sharing love. I've got a new outfit post. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear what you think. xo

  7. found you from the link up...i love this outfit & your blog, i'm following :)


  8. I LOVE it! I used that same SJP outfit as my inspiration last month for a pink/red outfit. I really love how the colors pop :)

  9. Love the boldness of this outfit! Such a fun twist on color and patterns too.


  10. Fab! I have always loved red and pink together. And I adore your accessories "overload"!!


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