Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Corporate granny chic

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This is what I actually looked like at work, i.e. sitting at my desk, the other day: reading glasses on, coat over my shoulders and quite smartly dressed (for no reason other than that's how I felt like dressing that morning).

The chain on my glasses is soooo granny chic but I wear it because it's practical - I only need to wear glasses for the computer so if they're not round my neck I'm always leaving them places and losing them. I usually have a coat round my shoulders till about lunchtime as the office doesn't warm up till then. And although our dress code is pretty casual I felt like wearing my scarf in a big bow with my new Peter Pan collar shirt secretary-style. Fortunately, the high ponytail stops me venturing into real old biddy territory - a hair bun (which I wear a lot) would be a disaster.

The combination of all these things adds up to a very business-chic look and hey, it makes me look my age (it's the chain on the glasses' fault), but who cares, I still love the look all the same...!

Glasses: Kyusu (my reading glasses)
Raincoat: Ellen Tracy
Shirt: Asos
Vest: Primark
Trousers: Wallis
Scarf: Oasis
Belt: Asos
Watch: Red Herring
Ring: Accessorize
Bangles: Asos, Debenhams, F+F
Nails: Barry M Gold

Don’t forget my giveaway!!!
Enter my fabulous BRACELET GIVEAWAY with Sandy Mitchell Jewellery!


  1. Great post.

    i hope you can check out mine!

  2. Catherine, I love your look and the title of your post. Granny chic--I really like that. The leopard belt gives you away though--not granny at all, just really chic.

  3. love this outfit! you look great! love the scarf and the belt the most! :)



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