Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Walking on sunshine

Firstly: a heatwave? Three months before Christmas? In Blighty???? God this weather makes no sense, but I ain't complaining. I was about to swap my summer wardrobe for my winter one last weekend but didn't have time - thank god I didn't considering this warm spell is set to last until the weekend: 29C (84F) in London tomorrow?!

Today I wore a dress bought many moons ago from Tesco. [Joke for all you Brits: Tesco's, where Catherine gets her best clothes - I know.] It was, however, a slightly tennis-y white dress: one pack of sky blue dye and some white ribbon threaded through the holes later gave me a brand new dress. Although neons are meant to be worn with neutrals I love the neon yellow with this bright blue. The cute little bird brooch is from a brilliant jeweller/accessories store from Edinburgh called Hannah Zakari - their stuff is really funky and eclectic. I bought a few pieces and will be showing them off here in due course.

(Funny story: We took the photos on the Baker Bridge in Exeter, and towards the end of the shoot we had a policeman approach us saying they'd had calls from cars driving underneath reporting a girl climbing over the railings as if she was going to jump. WTF? How on earth I could have climbed the railings in that dress I'll never know, so god knows what they thought they saw - I never even went near the edge to look over. Luckily he was quickly satisfied I wasn't the jumping type so we were left alone. So the moral of the story is: If no-one's visiting your blog and you're feeling low, don't despair, and don't go photographing on bridges.)

Dress: Tesco (dyed blue and ribbon threaded through the holes)
Waistcoat: La Redoute
Shoes: Asos
Belt: New Look
Bird brooch: Hannah Zakari
Earrings: F+F
Sunglasses: Rayban Wayfarers
Bracelets: (Neon laces tied round wrists) ebay
Other bracelets: F+F, New Look, Debenhams
Watch: Fossil similar
Nails: Barry M White


  1. Love that outfit! Great colors and silhouette

  2. I absolutely adore this color combination! Great job Catherine! :) And the brooch is so cute! I have several brooches as well but I always forget to wear them. maybe this time you will be my inspiration?! :)))

    'The Wind of Inspiration' style blog

  3. Clever girl. I love the revamp of the white dress. So pleased you did't jump little sis. Xx

  4. Love the color scheme here! One question: what kind of nail polish are you wearing? I love white nails, but every kind I get ends up chalky or streaky. Yours looks great!

    Kara of

  5. Hi Kara,

    Sorry I normally list my nail polish, I've updated the post now! It's White by Barry M (Barry M White, lol!) and their polishes are really long lasting if you've never used them before... you will need 2 coats minimum of the white, 3 is better.

    Thanks so much for dropping by!
    Catherine xoxo

  6. Your auburn hair is gorgeous by the way. Just thought I'd let you know.


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