Saturday, 17 September 2011

My vintage splurge

Had a mad ebay and vintage shop splurge last weekend, and here's the fruits of my labour. I think I should be called the "ebay poacher" - every ebay item I was bidding on had others bidding against me but I won them, I tell you, I won!!! I cannot tell you the satisfaction I get from winning ebay auctions and poaching them from others. It's my only mean streak; I generally try to be a nice person, but when it comes to ebay I'm ruthless. Do not try to bid against me, because I. TAKE. NO. PRISONERS.

1. Irish wool cape: vintage shop - £20
I AM IN LOVE. Looks absolutely beautiful on, and has pockets on the inside.  And only twenty quid??!!!

2. Wool maxi skirt: vintage shop - £10
A tiny bit big on the waist, but nothing a belt can't sort out. Great pattern - so long and warm it's like wearing a big blanket. My office at work gets freezing in the winter and I often sit with a blanket wrapped round my legs. This will be a lot more chic.

3. Fuschia spotted blouse: ebay - £4.70
I'm going to remove the dark bow on the pocket, change the gold buttons and do something to stitch the high neck back so it's more of a v neck. Love the colour, and polkadots are on trend for autumn.

4. Dogtooth chiffon blouse: ebay - £15.49
Doesn't need anything doing. Love it as is.

5. Blue floral short sleeved blouse: ebay - £14.50
This looks way better on, and I'm going to change the buttons to grey ones. I've already taken out the shoulder pads - you could see the pads through the fabric and my shoulders are square enough.

6. Patchwork knitting bag: ebay - £9.89
This is going to make a very kitsch handbag - no alterations needed.

Total: not going to work it out, they were all bargains. Watch this space for their debuts!
Right - off to watch X Factor.


  1. I am so jealous! These are really great finds - especially that cape.

  2. Catherine you have a unique but great style darling. I found you at thirty to seven. I love thrifting too. Mostly everything I wear is thrift bought. Have a wonderful day. Drop in anytime. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo


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