Wednesday, 17 August 2011

A girl can't change her stripes (or her jeans)

I find that stripes seem to go with just about everything, but I mostly love mixing them with florals and other patterns. Today I put on a patterned skirt and belt with these tops (looked fabulous), but upon leaving the house the weather was colder than expected. I quickly changed into my jeans with every intention of changing them for the skirt once I was in my nice warm office... and I'd forgotten to pick up the belt. It didn't look right without it, so instead the outfit was jeans with the cardigan tied up... poo. Anyway loving the hair today - new little pom pom hair bobble was a sale purchase from Asos (seems I'm going through a girly pom pom phase, see yesterday).

Cardigan: Asos
Top: Rocha.John Rocha
Jeans: Miss Sixty
Shoes: New Look
Pom pom hair bobble: Asos
Hexnut bracelet: Asos
Black Tiffany's bracelet: Tiffany & Co
Nail polish: Nails Inc for InStyle Candy Orange similar

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  1. I stumbled upon this "old" post. Gosh you look so good. I want hips and a waist too. I am like a boy with the exception of a bosom which is too big.
    The photo is a miracle as well: the lines in the fence and the lines in your cardigan. Chapeau.


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