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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Musings | Learning to Love My Worst Feature

Learning to love my worst feature
If you follow my Facebook page you may have seen a Musings Mondays post where I mused upon those who embraced their "worst" feature. Or rather, the feature that is deemed unattractive or even unacceptable (by others) in today's society. The response was overwhelming, and so many inspiring opinions and thoughts really got me thinking more about it.

For me, my "worst" feature has always been my nose. Now I'm not looking for compliments or cries of "but you haven't got an awful nose" at all - that's not the point of this post. Coming to the conclusion that you can learn to love the very thing you've hated about yourself for so long is what I've been mulling over.

I think I'm right in saying that a lot of women have a part of themselves that they'd change if they could. I'm talking about the body parts that only surgery can alter, or are even impossible to do anything about (your height, for example). And for me - especially growing up - it was my nose.

I used to get the odd "Barry Manilow" dig from other kids; luckily it didn't surmount to bullying or even have an impact on my self-confidence. I knew perfectly well I didn't have a teeny tiny button nose, and, well, I couldn't do much about it - so I simply accepted it. But I could get, if I'd wanted, a nose job. I thought about it many times over the years, but money was usually the thing that stopped me seriously considering it.

Until recently.

Redhead profile - before and after
When I hit my 30s and actually found myself with a little disposable income - enough to actually go through with it, I found myself thinking that it wasn't such a good idea after all. I'd always dreamed of having the same sort of nose, but just a bit smaller. So that I still looked like me. In other words, something like the one on the left (above). On the right, my nose; on the left, my "ideal", Photoshopped nose.

The thing is, did you notice that there was a difference? I showed the mirror image to my husband and asked if he noticed anything at all, and he didn't catch on at first. Which proved to me two things: 1. In my head I think there's a huge difference between how I think my nose looks (i.e. huge and with a big bump in it) and what I'd like it to look like (smaller and straighter). 2. That if my own husband can't immediately see a massive difference when I've "had a nose job" - is it really worth the time, money and pain?

There are many examples of celebrities who have bowed to the pressure and had work done. You may have read in the last day or two how Renée Zellweger was virtually unrecognisable at an event this week - I personally don't think she looks terrible like many of the comments I've read, but I think it's obvious that she's had her eyes opened up. Gone are the cute squinting eyes she was so well known for; now those same eyes aren't Renée's (or Bridget's) any more. The same happened to Jennifer Grey after having a nose job: she said in an interview that having plastic surgery was the worst mistake she ever made. She was no longer recognisable as Baby from Dirty Dancing, just somebody who looked a bit like her.

Renee Zellweger
So my fear is of "not looking like me" any more. Sure, I may end up with a cuter nose, it'll be straighter and my profile won't be quite as "strong" - but at the ripe old age of 42 I've decided that my strong profile is what makes me look like me. I definitely don't want to end up looking like a homogenised version of myself.

However, there are also women who haven't had work done, despite being told to do so. Cindy Crawford didn't get her mole removed, and Georgia May Jagger kept the gap in her teeth. Both reasonably easy procedures (no major surgery), but for both of them it's their trademark and what's contributed to their individuality and their success.

The women I've grown to admire over the years with the same strong noses as me are Barbra Streisand (below, left) and Anjelica Huston (below, right). Would Streisand have been as successful if she'd had her nose done? Probably not. Anjelica Huston was told to get a nose job by Eileen Ford when she started modelling but she refused. Thank goodness she did: I can't imagine Morticia Addams having a cute button nose, yet she couldn't have looked any more beautiful in that film if she tried.

Barbra Streisand and Anjelica Huston
While I'm focusing on noses, it's interesting to note that these women often had photos taken that emphasised the very feature they were told to get fixed. I've noticed I've done it myself in some of my recent shoots; sometimes a strong composition is needed, and a profile shot that includes a strong nose certainly helps.

So I'm sticking with this nose. If I'm not bothered when someone doesn't like the way I dress, why should I care if they don't like parts of my face?

If you have a feature that you (or others!) feel strongly about then do let me know about it in the comments... I'd love to know your views.
Catherine x
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P.S. If you want to see some of the outfit posts where I've featured a strong profile picture, see herehere and here.

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Monday, 20 October 2014

Autumnal Seventies Style | Oversized Sweater and Floppy Hat

Seventies style - oversized purple knit, floppy hat
The cooler weather has meant that I'm rediscovering lots of items I'd [sort of] forgotten that I had. This autumn I'm finding that I'm wearing quite a few pieces for only the second time - I often buy things in the sales just as the seasons are changing so might get one or two wears out of them before the weather gets too warm/cold. This oversized roll neck sweater was only worn once to London Fashion Week in February and I never got round to wearing it again - till now.

I went for a seventies-style look by adding my floppy felt hat (worn just once before) and the uber bargain that was the eagle necklace from Asos. I've had it for ages but not worn it yet because of the awkward length: too short for a pendant, and too long for a choker. However, the style of this sweater allowed me to thread a plain gold chain through each end of the eagle necklace and hide the ends under the roll neck... ta-da, one perfect-length statement necklace!

To tone down the seventies feel I added dark skinny jeans and my Kelya silver and white brogues, rather than going for flared jeans and block heeled boot. I generally prefer flashes of retro style teamed with modern pieces (it's how I approach wearing vintage) to create a more eclectic look that I feel more comfortable in.

Do you mix up your decades at all? Which is your favourite decade to emulate and what sort of pieces do you wear - do share in the comments!

Seventies style - oversized purple knit, floppy hat
Skinny jeans, white and silver brogues
Seventies style - oversized purple knit, floppy hat
Purple knitwear and statement necklace
Seventies style - oversized purple knit, floppy hat
Catherine x
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P.S. If you like this floppy hat you can see the last time I wore it here!

Hat: Asos (similar), Sweater: Diesel, Jeans: c/o !iT Collective, Necklace: Asos (similar), Sunglasses: French Connection, Brogues: c/o Kelya Shoes, Bag: Asos, Watch: River Island (I like this one), Nails: Maybelline Gel Nail Colour Divine Wine 265

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Saturday, 18 October 2014

8 Ways to Wear (and Accessorise With) Yellow

8 Ways to Wear Yellow
I will admit yellow can be a tricky colour to both wear and style. It doesn't really stop me as I'll pair it with just about anything, but I though I'd share some of the ways I've worn yellow in the last year or two. After I posted my mustard yellow trousers outfit on Google+ last week I received a barrage of abuse [water off a duck's back] mostly about the trousers... most people loved the outfit on the blog and Twitter, but it seems yellow gets people in a flap!

So hopefully these yellow combos will give you some inspiration on how to introduce yellow into your wardrobe if you've never tried it before - but always wanted to! And if you choose to leave me a suitably displeased comment like the ones on Google+, be prepared to be killed with kindness ;)
(not that you lovely readers do... just kidding of course!)

Are you already a wearer of yellow? And would you consider it if you don't already - and what shade?

Navy polka dots & mustard yellow pleated skirt
1. As a statement piece as the main colour of your outfit (original post)

Wearing yellow next to your face is the problem most people have with yellow, so wearing a full-on pleated maxi in a gorgeous mustardy yellow is ideal for wearing a massive splash of yellow without it going near your face.

White cardi, brown boots & leopard trilby
2. Toned down with white (original post)

A paler yellow works really well with off-white and layered for winter. Shows you can wear yellow all year round - not just in the summer.

Yellow tote bag & red skinny jeans
3. As a statement accessory instead of clothing (original post)

If you're really not keen about wearing yellow, why not carry it instead? I never think it has to actually match any part of your outfit - just compliment it!

Weekend sightseeing outfit - boyfriend jeans & patterned blouse
4. Choose a very pale lemon yellow (original post)

If you really can't handle bright yellow, choose the palest one you can find - like my palest lemon yellow boyfriend jeans. Though I have boosted the yellow punch with accents of it in my shoes and my belt (it's never too much for me).

Neon green, olive and red
5. With other primary colours (original post)

Why not go the whole hog and pair yellow with red and blue? Blue jeans are of course a classic that go with everything, so you may not even think of it as a primary colour. Adding red is a bold move. You'll see I've interrupted the yellow by adding a white collar; this is a good way of making sure it's not right next to your face if that makes you a little uneasy about wearing yellow.

Vintage-style yellow dress
6. As a classic sun dress (original post)

I absolutely love, love, love yellow dresses - in fact I own about three of four and am always drawn to them in the summer. Summer is the perfect time to wear all yellow, so go all out with it come the hot weather.

How to Style Lime Green | With Black & White & Denim
7. With graphic black and white (original post)

Yellow is the perfect accompaniment to bold black and white patterns: the stripes and skulls prints I mixed here needed a bold colour and yellow was just the ticket. Black accessories helped to tie it all in.

Orange, yellow & white
8. Colour blocked with another bold colour (original post)

A bit of a mixture of the ideas in nos. 2 and 5: I've toned down the yellow by layering it with a white blazer, but then added a massive block of orangey-red with a maxi skirt. My strappy yellow wedges come out year after year and prove that yellow shoes and accessories seem to go with everything...!
Catherine x
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P.S. Please don't feel you need to address those comments I mentioned on Google+ - I'm perfectly okay with less-than-pleasant comments... Silver Londoner and I were in hysterics that evening over the daft things they said!

Here's some of my favourite yellow clothes and accessories on the interwebs right now... if only I had an unlimited budget to buy all things yellow!

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